Get Those Guys Reading!


A few weeks ago, I had one of those amazing moments as a teacher when angels sing and the world is, for a few minutes, brighter and cleaner.

Let me give you some back story- the middle school where I teach has an independent reading component as a portion of the kids’ grades. I think this is a great program, since it rewards kids for finding books that are interesting and engaging. Sometimes, though, the students hit a road block and don’t know what to read. I’ve learned over the years to keep a mental list of books that kids tend to like.

One day in my seventh grade honors English class, a kid raised his hand and asked if I had any recommendations of books with male protagonists. (Cue angels singing). This isn’t an opportunity that comes up very often, so we collaborated as a class to develop a list of books that guys might tend to like.

So, here ya go! Remember- I teach twelve and thirteen year olds, so some of your kids might not be ready for them. And please don’t think that these are books that are ONLY for boys- I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of them.

And if you want advice from someone “in the business,” check out Jon Scieszka’s Guys Read website. Seriously, can the guy who wrote The Stinky Cheese Man can do no wrong in my book.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

My kids LOVE these books. They tell the story of Percy Jackson, a kid who doesn’t fit in anywhere until he finds out that he’s the son of a Greek god. They have a great story line, lots of action, and you wouldn’t believe how much they learn about Greek mythology from reading them.



The Ranger’s Apprentice Series

This series follows Will, a young teen who knows nothing about his past until he begins training to become a Ranger. Think castles, swordfighting, medieval politics, and some serious bad guys.




Books by Mike Lupica

If your son is into sports, Lupica is the author for him. He does a fantastic job of weaving together family, sports, and relatable kid experiences into a a really enjoyable book. He’s written quite a few books, and my kids have enjoyed every one of them.



I hope this list gives y’all some ideas to keep your kids reading through the school year- feel free to share below if you or your kids have any other suggestions!




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