Going Places: The Technology of Transportation – Arizona Science Center’s Newest Exhibit

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Be sure and visit the Arizona Science Center’s newest exhibit – Going Places: The Technology of Transportation.

The Arizona Science Center is such a magical place. As mamas, you know the littles who love to ask, “but why?” umpteen times a day? This is the place for them.

Let these inquisitive discoverers explore to their heart’s content, hypothesizing the intricacies of how and why something exists. Not only will they love the hands-on exhibits, but they will pull you in with their cuteness, inviting you to become a fellow “Curious George” that spurs you to ask deeper, more profound questions about how the world moves and functions.

How did we get to where we are as a society? Who are the fantastic innovators of yesteryear that propelled us to have access to such unique technology at our fingertips? Think of the progression it took to get from the dawn of civilization to the present day. Someone had to come up with a thought, an idea, a goal, fascinated by the complexities and evolvement of things that move. Thank a caveman or woman who chiseled the first stone, creating a circular wheelbase to go/move forward. Celebrate the “aha’” moments, the lightbulb, the hamster wheels spinning in the minds of creators galore. 

The newest exhibition at the Arizona Science Center is entitled Going Places. Created by SciTech Perth Australia, it is produced by Imagine Exhibitions, and supported by Waymo and Amtrak. Annie, Engagement Specialist from the “Blue Crew,” says this exhibit has something for everyone to enjoy. “Through engaging interactives, explore how different modes of transportation have shaped society. Discover how gravity, wind, currents, waves, friction, and changing landscapes are overcome by the ingenious designs of travel technology.”

Kayla Benoit of Scottsdale attended the exhibit with her children, ages 3 and 5. They are part of a local homeschool group, and son Landon is fascinated by flight—he loved the opportunity to be in control and learn how to fly a drone.

Jim and Lori Crawford from Phoenix love all things transportation. Lori shares, “We’re celebrating Jim’s birthday and his curiosity about everything that moves. Jim worked at General Dynamics for 24 years designing radios for space travel and to the moon.” Jim added this visit was in his wheelhouse for tinkering, and he enjoyed trying to rebuild a virtual engine.

Jazmin, also a member of the “Blue Crew,” enjoys seeing kids and adults engage in a friendly game of racing Land Yachts. This interactive game teaches about sailing and the principle of lift. I enjoyed trying to steer the helium-filled airship blimps with a joystick and navigating it through the hoop. (Did you know that the Wright brothers’ plane wasn’t the first aircraft to take flight? It was actually a German Airship created by The German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin).

Some of the other unique kiosks and hands-on booths included a moving hovercraft, recumbent bike races, carbon footprint calculator, various sensors, luggage/ container loading, and, my personal favorites, an airplane flight simulator and Waymo’s most technology-advanced car. Could you imagine riding in a driverless vehicle all over town to get you safely to your destination? Keep an eye out; they are out and about in Phoenix!

Why not have some fun with family and friends and enjoy a day at the Arizona Science Center, checking out the Going Places Exhibition and the exceptional National Geographic film, Living in the Age of Airplanes, narrated by Harrison Ford? Ponder the incredible advancements of where we started 200,000 years ago on foot and where we’ve developed to now. STEM is a terrific way to get kids interested in the world around them. “With 18 exhibits and eight information kiosks detailing the incredible technology pioneered by humans to make the farthest reaches of our planet accessible, Going Places is a wild ride!” 

Going Places: The Technology of Transportation | September 2, 2022 – January 2, 2023 | Sybil B. Harrington Gallery, Level 3

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Member Admission: $6.95* | General Admission: $8.95* | Children under 3 are always FREE. 

*General admission ticket required. Additional tickets are required for the Irene P. Flinn Giant Screen Theater, Dorrance Planetarium and featured exhibition.

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  1. Great article Wendie! It’s been so long since I’ve visited the science center! I definitely need to bring my family to these exhibits and check them all out!


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