#GiveBack: Simple Ways to Make a Difference

This post is sponsored by Goodwill of Central Arizona.

 With so much pressure to get the perfect gift, set the perfect table, and have a perfectly decorated home this holiday season I know we all feel like the holidays are sometimes more stressful than they should be. Why can’t it all feel as magical as it once did when we were kids?

One of the things that truly adds the most joy into the holidays for me is giving back and doing it with my kids. Teaching my kids the importance of giving back has been one of my main goals as a mom, and although the holidays are prime time, I have made a goal to focus on it all year long. After all, it is the spring and summer months when many of the most “in need” organizations are most forgotten. 

This holiday season I want us all to pass the word on and to not forget to #GiveBack. Start a new tradition with your family and friends and find a worthy cause dear to your hearts to give back to.

We are proud to be partnering with Goodwill and to share opportunities for their Donation Drives along with other ideas on how you and your family can #GiveBack.


Give back to your community…

Goodwill Donation Drives

Founded in 1947, Goodwill of Central Arizona continues to better the community and fight unemployment each year by turning your donations into no-cost career centers that are open to anyone in need of assistance finding a job. And did you know they offer Donation Drives that raise money for school, churches or non profit organizations of your choosing? All while supporting Goodwill’s efforts to help thousands in our community get access to job services. It’s truly a Win-Win for everyone! You raise money, reduce unemployment, and help the environment.  Setting up a drive is easy! Click HERE to learn more about Goodwill Donation Drives.

The Drive-Thru Surprise

One morning I pulled up to a drive thru and was told my order had been paid for by the car in front of me. I seriously almost cried from the sheer joy of it. If you have ever had this happen you know how wonderful it is to be surprised by a random act of kindness, no matter how small. Now, each time I go through a drive thru I think about that moment and have frequently paid for the car behind me (as long as it is within reason… someone’s office wide Starbucks order is not really in my budget). I think about how much that one simple act inspired me to continue the tradition of paying it forward, so for every time I pay it forward at the drive thru I hope that it will then inspire the receiver(s) to do the same.

Bags for the Homeless

No matter what time of year I try to have at least two “bags for the homeless” in my car. Living in Phoenix there are an unfortunate number of homeless people on our streets and I love to help, but I am never one to give out money. My “bags for the homeless” help provide the necessities and also get my girls involved. It not only teaches them the meaning of giving by having them help in fill the bags, but also makes them more aware of the idea of homelessness. I take one gallon sized Ziploc and fill it with a variety of items from around my home and in my pantry including: cereal/granola bars, water bottles, hotel soaps, candy, notes/drawings from the kids, etc…, and each time I see a homeless person on the street I know I have a great gift to provide to them.

Teach kids the meaning of giving…

-Have them create and decorate invites for friends and neighbors to participate in a food or toy drive. Make a drop-off date and have your kids set up a stand in front of your house to greet and thank everyone for donating. You can then take the toys/food to organizations in need.

-Have your children get their friends together to create packages for the troops. They can collect donations from friends, family, and neighbors, decorate a shipping box and personalized letter, and then mail to a service member over seas.

-Have your children get with their friends and/or classmates to create greeting cards, ornaments, holiday treats, etc. for an elderly care center in your neighborhood. Many of them may not ever receive a holiday wish otherwise, so receiving the thoughtful gifts may make their whole year!

What are some of your favorite ways of giving back? Do you have any unique/fun ways to get your kids involved? Please be sure to share your ideas and spread the word with #nphxmoms and #GiveBack!

Thank you for your goodwill.


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