15 Simple and Meaningful Gift Ideas for Teachers


Among the many people you are buying gifts for this holiday season, be sure your children’s teachers are on the list. This is a perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for the love and wisdom they share with their students, and your children, all year long.

Here are 15 holiday gift ideas for teachers or administrators that are sure to spread some cheer! 

Gift Ideas for Teachers North Phoenix Moms BlogLocally Inspired Gifts:

 1- Handmade, deliciously scented soap – Yes please! The locally made soaps from Verano Bathery will be a crowd-pleaser for anyone, particularly those who may want to scrub the germs of 20 kindergartners off their hands.

2 – Locally designed clothing – Being comfortable throughout a long school day is a staple for any educator, which is why the hand-lettered and buttery soft shirts by Twenty6 Designs are perfect. The Phoenix-based designer offers t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats that anyone would be comfortable in all. day. long.

3 – Hand-painted globe – This is my personal favorite.  Done by ArtfulMelange, the Scottsdale-based artist paints travel-inspired quotes on vintage globes. These would be a great addition to any classroom or home.

4- Laser cut wood gifts – What’s more local than an Arizona or United States wood puzzle from LetterCraft? The beautifully made handcrafted wood gifts by this husband and wife team in Phoenix are affordable, unique and educational!

Homemade Gifts:

5- Hand crafted creations – If you (or your kids) are crafty and wanting to support local businesses, this is the perfect combination for you. Heritage Square’s Handcrafted is a space where adults and kids can use vintage tools to make creations. Workshops are held throughout the month of December, or you can stop by during business hours to pick up an activity kit to do at home.

6 – Baked goods – One of the best parts of the holiday season is the delicious treats we indulge in. Whip up a batch of grandma’s gingerbread cookies and call it a day!

7 – Pinterest inspired loveliness – Pinterest has loads of adorable handmade gifts. One of my personal favorites is planting flowers in a mug with a handwritten note attached. Not only is it adorable, the flower can be replanted and the mug can continue to be used. Win-win.

8 – Health-focused gifts – Schools are notorious for being germ factories and although teachers generally have built up immunity for the many colds floating around the class, even they can use some extra defense to stay healthy. If you’re an essential oils user, put together a roller of your favorite immunity-boosting oils.

Gifts Under $25:

9 – A Journal– Gifts are great, but sometimes words are even better. This “Why You’re So Awesome Journal” is the perfect gift if you or your kids want to tell their teachers why they love and appreciate them so much.

10 – Water bottle – Given that it’s varying degrees of hot for 80% of the school year, a S’Well bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours is ideal for keeping teacher’s thirst quench and hydrated for the whole day. And they are cute, to boot!

11- Gift Cards – The consummate go-to gift. If your teacher is a coffee-lover, foodie, movie-goer, or really just enjoys anything, there’s a gift card for that.

12- Classroom supplies or help – Although grossly underpaid, most teachers end up putting their own money into the classroom to ensure students have everything they need for activities. Find out what the teachers may be wanting for the second half of the year and help provide those items.

Personalized Gifts:

Although personalizing gifts means the teacher is stuck with it whether they like it or not, here are a couple personalized gift ideas that can’t go wrong: 

13- Stationary It’s adorable and useful.

14 – Canvas Tote – It’s reusable and economical.

15 – Donate – Last, but not least. If your teacher is passionate about a particular cause, consider making a donation on his or her behalf. The organization often takes care of notifying the person that a donation was made in their honor and it certainly shows that you care about their passions.

Hopefully these ideas will help take off some of the pressure of holiday shopping. Are there any go-to gifts for teachers you love that aren’t included?  List below!  

Happy Holidays!


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