Getting It Together: The Family Routine


Have you ever wondered how some moms can do it all?  You know, like the soccer mom who has a color-coordinated schedule, attends all the PTA meetings, and manages to cook those splendid five-star dinners, all while keeping her family on a smoothly flowing weekly routine?  How about when you feel like you can’t catch a break and wonder how the laid back mom who does things on a whim doesn’t seem to stress about anything?  I admire and respect these women, and although I sometimes find myself having a tinge of jealousy for their amazing-ness, I try my best to not stress out about the type of mom I am.

Now that we have a second child, I realized we would need to make some upgrades to our laissez-faire lifestyle.  I haven’t always had myself or my family on a strict schedule, and we aren’t big on a family routine (except Taco Tuesday, but that’s not always a must).  I knew it wouldn’t be easy to change things up, but I was up for the challenge.  Boy was it difficult!

I found that this caused my humans to be in an uproar, but I pushed along.  I was building an efficient routine: school, homework, meal prepping, working out, unpacking/organizing (that’s a whole separate story), driving, working, AND mommy-ing. The list is long enough to make me tired just typing it. Nevertheless, I had some Mom-Mojo and it felt great! I felt accomplished.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.  I had one of those derailing moments that took me clearly off my track: my little guy got sick. The kind of sick that gets you stuck on the couch unable to move or do anything.  So what is a mom to do at that point?  I had a million tasks to accomplish, and didn’t have an extra set of hands.  Perhaps I should take this opportunity to catch up on some shows, maybe nap while the little one is out? How about a little Netflix binge?… Ummm NO! Unfortunately for me, my brain does not work that way.

The first few days were chaos.  No sleep, no energy, and still so much to do! My brain was constantly pacing even though I was physically motionless.  I was running on less than three hours of sleep each day and felt helpless.  I realized I was close to having a mini melt down.  Then I thought: time to get moving! Let’s tackle things on the to-do list.  Not happening!  My sick child completely took me off this new found path of the glorified Mom-Mojo I was experiencing a few weeks prior.  I attempted to be super efficient but quickly learned that I was the complete opposite.  Please tell me I’m not alone in having experienced these derailing moments in what I was hoping to be a time of change?

The overwhelming to do list kept growing and the guilt started piling up.  Will I ever unpack these boxes sitting in my living room?  Was I spending enough time with my daughter?  Did I even sit down to do homework with her?  UGH! Who moves five days before having a baby?!  And speaking of baby, when will my little human get better?  My house was a mess and  I was losing all motivation to keep a schedule.  I made every attempt to find the silver linings in my ever growing haboob, but the wave of negativity hit me like a tsunami.  Did I take on too much at once?!

Needless to say, I was exhausted.  As I looked around my beautifully messy home, I realized I needed to stop beating myself up.  I decided I didn’t want to waste my time on the pesky negative feelings.  I may not have a steady routine, but for now, I decided to continue to make strides and build some structure.  There is no way I can currently be a part of the PTA but at least I am taking steps in the right direction.  I may not continue the easy breezy spur of the moment lifestyle, but when I don’t have plans, I’ll choose to be as spontaneous as I can be.  After all, I am a strangely fun conglomerate between the soccer mom and the laid back one … with a whole dash of crazy thrown in there too!  I know I’m getting “it” together; it’s just not going to happen that we have a routine overnight, and I am perfectly okay with that.


  1. So true for most of us! Thanks for making me feel better about my daily attempts at controlling my chaotic, messy, but happy home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Less is more! Some days, focus more on food prep and packing, other days more on quality time and grooming. Lol. You can have it all-just not all at the same time. I’m right there with you!!! Thanks for writing this!!


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