Is Being a Full-time Working Mom in My Future?


Spending the mornings with my daughter is the highlight of my day. I adore spending time with my 15-month-old and watching her grow in this magical time in her life.

She’s only going to be this little once; I want to relish it.

But when I drop her off at daycare by 10:15 a.m. to get to work by 11 a.m., I’m ready for that adult interaction and for a higher level of intellectual stimulation. However, I’m always thinking about her: who she’s playing with, if she’s having lunch, taking a nap, etc.

So when my teaching contract was given back to me in March and my director needed a full-time electives teacher, my heart dropped.

Was I ready to let my now toddler-aged daughter go and become a full-time working mom again? She’s no longer the six-month-old baby in full-on mommy mode. Now, she’s ready for more social interaction with kids her age. And that’s good for her… right?

But, I can’t help but think: Is it selfish for me not to fight for her? To find another part-time position and to help raise her? Or is it better to show her what it is to be a working mom, making more money to give her more opportunities?

The truth is that I don’t know what’s going to happen once I become a full-time working mom again. Like I’ve learned since becoming a mother, every day is a new day, a new emotion.

But it’s hard. Finding a balance between work, family, and emotions is a delicate dance.

All I know is that working for my family — whether spending time with them at home or being a role model at work — is where my heart will always be.

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Brighid was born and raised in Tempe with her two brothers and two sisters. As the fourth of five children, she's very aware how her first-born Welsh husband, Adam, and first-born daughter, Brynn, will play the role of the "smarty pants, know-it-alls" in her family. Joking aside, Brighid has a degree in creative writing with a minor in classics from U of A and received her M.Ed from ASU in secondary English education. As a part-time humanities teacher at ASU Preparatory Academy in downtown Phoenix, Brighid focuses on drama, computer science, media and technology, as well as journalism. She's passionate about dancing with the "Beatbugs" alongside her daughter, AZ road trips, Spotify playlists, Anna Faris podcasts, modern astrology, and shaktipat kundalini yoga. You can find more of her work and professional writing on her blog The Seagoat Mama.



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