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OK gals! You KNOW we LOVE LOVE LOVE our Vintage Markets! Who is planning on going to the Front Porch Pickins Vintage Market this weekend? The best part about this event, well other than the merch, is the fact that this market was put together by 3 moms that wanted to see something of its kind/magnitude in the Peoria Area. Y’all this is about 15 minutes from my house and I couldn’t be happier about that!!! I fully intend on bringing the whole fam bam! And guess what?! It’s FREE (did you NOT read the header?! – Hehe!)


Saturday, November 8th – 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Peoria Sports Complex
16101 N 83rd Ave. in Peoria

What to Expect:

This market will have 200+ vendors who specialize in rusty gold & unique handmade items! Some of our favorites will be present – Olivewood Designs, Bellapia Clothing Co., Letter Craft, This Freckled Girl, Kadydid Designs just to name a few! Psssst some more of our LOVELY FRIENDS like Prim Rentals (see their entry setup below) + the SERIOUS DELISH Iced Coffees from Mama’s Cold Brew (my husband is addicted and I’m confident will go to the market just for a cup of this goodness) will be there! And did we mention entry is free… like my family of 5 will be able to enter at no cost!!! Happy Dances + High Kicks!

via Prim Rentals (look for their front entry set up)


And the merchandise OHHHH the merchandise.  As they say “If you love rusty, chippy, peely, vintage, repurposed, and hand made treasures- then consider yourself our kin.”

via Olivewood Designs
via Bellapia Clothing Co.



You’re supporting 3 hardworking moms that have put together the first annual (we hope) event that is sure to be amazing. I was REALLY touched by their recent post on the Front Porch Pickin Facebook Page: “Over a year ago we committed to hosting the west valley’s first large scale market. We did it for several reasons. One was to bring a platform to local businesses, like ourselves, to show their goods and talent. Another was to provide an additional source of income to our families. Yet another was that we, along with other west valley residents, were sick of driving all over town for the really GOOD shows. We have invested a lot of money, effort, prayers, and time into this market. We have done everything in our power to ensure this event is excellent for all involved. Now, we give it to God and to YOU. YOU- the customer- hold the future of the west side shows in your hands. We can bring the top vendors, provide the great facility, have the best staff and press, but YOU showing up is what matters. YOU inviting your friends and family to support local talent is the key. So please, partner with us! Share this status. Tag your friends who like unique gifts, handmade items, and vintage goods. YOU, the customer, are the key to GOOD markets. Thank you for all of your support. We literally couldn’t do this without you!”

So grab a friend, OR your whole family like me, and check out this vintage market. Fun and goodies are sure to be had!

Tips for for a Successful Day

  • Wear comfy walking shoes
  • Bring a stroller for the kiddos to ride in
  • Pack snacks to keep the mini humans happy is a must…mama needs to shop
  • Bring a cart/tote to carry your new merch in
  • Bring cash as not all vendors accept credit cards
  • Invite your friends/family
  • MOST IMPORTANT…if you see something you really want, go ahead and buy it/put it on hold if you don’t buy it someone might snag it while you are deciding
  • Don’t forget to snap pics of your swag and tag us @nphxmoms + #nphxmoms on Insta…we would love to see what you score!


For the latest and greatest head over to and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


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