Free, Unconventional Date Night Idea!


Are you looking for a date night idea that is different than the traditional dinner and a movie? Also something you could do in a couple hours (because, hello – babysitters are expensive!) or even something you could do on your porch after you put the babies to bed? Well here it goes – sit down with your spouse and create a bucket list! 

date night ideaI’m sure your initial thought is – Why would I create a bucket list?? I’m not 70 years old…

Life can get so crazy in the day-to-day activities. Not that the actual activities are crazy, but l find that even the fullness of the daily mundane activities leaves me feeling busy and exhausted. Which is why this is such a needed and fun break from realty. 

Sit down with your spouse and just dream. Dream of the places you would go if money and time weren’t an issue. Dream of the activities you would do or skills you would learn if you had unlimited resources. This should be a judgement free time with your spouse where you both feel safe enough to write down those things you have always wanted to do. The things on your bucket list don’t all have to be large, outlandish things. For example, a couple things on my list include taking my dog to go see the snow (this was pre-kids when my fur baby was treated as my “child”) and learn how to crochet a hat. I also had to throw in some larger ideas of course such as go to the Kentucky Derby and stay in a hut above the water in Fiji. 

It’s fun to dream though. And its fun to dream with your spouse. You will never know what you will learn about yourself or your spouse when given the freedom and safety to dream without judgement. Look at your list – are there things you can cross-off this year? What about in the next 5 years? Life is an adventure – lets be intentional with experiencing it!

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Sara is an Arizona native who grew up in North Phoenix and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Jake, for almost seven years. They have an energetic little boy, and just welcomed a sweet baby girl into this world. The true boss of the household is Cici, their Pomeranian, who wishes she still remained an only child. Sara majored in accounting at the University of Arizona and received her master’s in taxation from Arizona State (although she remains a Wildcat at heart!) Sara finds so much joy in helping people plan for the future through financial planning and tax preparation. Some of Sara’s favorite things include: outdoor adventures, hot yoga, sushi, coffee, wine and running (which probably more closely resembles slow jogging). While Sara is a true introvert at heart who thrives on a night-in at home with the family, she is trying to be more adventurous, hence joining the North Phoenix Moms Blog team!



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