Free Character Valentine’s Day Printables – Non-Candy Gift Ideas


North Phoenix Moms Blog - Character Valentines - Peg Plus Cat

CANDY, CANDY, CANDY…I feel like that is all my kids ever ask for!!! With holidays and birthdays and everything in between it would be really convenient to walk down candy/treat isle for prepackaged favors. Not for me! I always try and think of gifts that both kids and parents will love.


Today I’m sharing with you some creative options for your Valentine’s Day cards. I used some of my kids favorite characters…I hope your kiddos like them too! So here are some cute + fun + inexpensive (win win win!) gifts you can pair with our printable cards.


Frozen – Let it Go!!!…candy that is. Substitute a sugary treat for a glow bracelet/stick. I have designed a “Let it Glow!” Card that will pair with this gift perfectly! Glow bracelets/sticks are available at most dollar spots.


Peg Plus Cat – Are your kids fans of this math based cartoon? I had a unique idea to use pretzel sticks as a way for little friends to practice their counting/math skills!

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Character Valentines - Peg Plus Cat

Paw Patrol – Although this post is candy free a sweet treat did sneak in! Because hey, try as we might, they will still get some of the sweet stuff. So how about a MINI cookie for a smaller sampling?! “Be there on the double” tagline had to go with our favorite little double stuff cookie!

Get your printable HERE!

What do you think of these options over the candies hearts and chocolates and lollipops? Will you use these printables for your little friends? Happy heart day!

Please do not share/copy/or sell this printable. You may “pin” it, please source correctly. You may not claim it as your own or alter the image. It is for personal use ONLY! This image is property of NORTH PHOENIX MOMS BLOG. Any licensed images of characters used in the designs are free. Character copyright is held by original owner. (Digitally reproduced or interpreted licensed characters cannot be shared, distributed or sold and limited rights are not transferable to anyone for any reason.) Designs are intended for ONE TIME use only.


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