Foodie Friday: Thai House

North Phoenix Moms blog Thai House
North Phoenix Moms blog Thai House

Ever since leaving good old Seattle, the town where you can stop, drop and roll to the nearest Thai place and get good grub, I’ve had a hard time finding decent Thai spots to go in Phoenix.  Sure you might find an OK Thai place here or there but nothing that leaves me satisfied.

You can imagine my excitement when a friend told me about Thai House.  Why has nobody ever mentioned Thai House to me before?  Did you know about Thai House and if so, were you keeping this little secret to yourself?

I went there for lunch on Mother’s Day and we ordered all our normal favorites: Pad Se Ew, Panang Curry, Mus-sa-mun curry and Teriyaki Chicken for our little guy.  The total bill came to about $40 and the portions were quite large and we were eating leftovers for days, which I was happy to do (and sad when they ran out).  What I look for in Thai food is the flavors, those bold and rich flavors that you can’t get out of a can.  The Pad Se Ew had that great dark soy flavor with wide flat noodles, broccoli and carrots.  The curries had a nice not overpowering heat to them but you can request a mouth on fire kind of heat, if that’s what you want.  The coconut milk was rich and the curry flavor had that comfort food feel, which made it really hard to stop eating.

The Teriyaki Chicken that my son had was, you know, real teriyaki sauce.  So many times I get teriyaki chicken and it tastes like the sauce was poured out of a bottle and it leaves me empty inside and wishing for the real thing.  The other important aspect to their dishes is the amount of protein they give you, it’s a ton!  Have I mentioned how much I love protein?  The other place I use to go to for Thai food would barely give me any meat with the dish.  This was seriously the best Mother’s Day lunch and Thai food spot I have found so far, we will be back soon!

But please, if you know of a Thai food spot that you love, share it below so I can go try it out.  Thai House has three locations around town and you can find all that information on their website.  Happy eating my fellow foodies 🙂

Thai House


  1. Yum, have been looking for a yummy Thai place. I first tried it in kingman AZ (they have a a amazing Thai restaurant) and now have been looking for something authentic Thai since!


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