Foodie Friday: Southern Rail


Who says Southern food and healthy eating don’t go together?  Sure, you can find all the comfort and fried goodness you want in most Southern restaurants.  But, can you find vegetables that are sophisticated and elevated, modern, and with a Southern twist?  Good news – at Southern Rail you can, and I’m here to show off and review a few of their sexy vegetables and healthy dishes from their winter menu!  Chef Beckett is behind the food at this restaurant, as well as the sister restaurant, Beckett’s Table.  Without further ado, let me begin your visual journey through the delectable and vibrant offerings that you can find at Southern Rail.

Deviled eggs found their way to our table first with creamy insides, resting on a perfect sauce.

NorthPhoenixMomsBlogSouthernRailTo warm us up a bit, we had the corn chowder with potato, bacon, mushroom and a swirl of pesto.  Chef Beckett really wants the corn to shine, so he doesn’t add too much to the mix in this dish, and we appreciated the flavors of the star ingredient shining through.  If you want to enjoy this as a vegetarian, you can opt to take out that piece of crispy bacon.

NorthPhoenixMomsBlogSouthernRailIf you’re looking for a salad to try on the menu, go for the smoked salmon & spinach salad with crisp apples, heirloom carrots, and avocado puree tossed in a roasted red pepper vinaigrette.

NorthPhoenixMomsBlogSouthernRailHands down my favorite dish of the night was the cauliflower!  It was roasted in a wood oven, rested in a magical pesto sauce, with smoked tomato puree, charred green onions and stewed apples. Can I get seconds please?

_DSC1356Keeping up with the trends and a dish near and dear to Beckett’s heart is the avocado toast.  Can you believe that at one point in time Beckett was not a fan of avocados?  This toast changed his mind, and we’re fans of it too.  Fresh avocado slathered onto a gorgeous piece of Noble Bread with bright slices of grapefruit, sprouts and chicken fried fresno chilies.

NorthPhoenixMomsBlogSouthernRailLet’s put all the vegetables you might not like and combine them into one dish in order to show you how good they really are, when they’re done right.  That’s what Chef Beckett was going for with beets, brussels & butternut squash. He serves it on a light layer of honey black pepper créme fraîche and citrus dressing and adds a little crunch with toasted pumpkin seeds.  I can’t say that he changed my mind about the beets, but I appreciate the effort and the rest of the dish was on point!

NorthPhoenixMomsBlogSouthernRailThe last two dishes that made their way to the table were the house made mushroom pasta with spinach, cauliflower, pesto and parmesean.  Want to add some juicy chicken to this vegetarian dish?  Go right ahead, but we’re gonna let you know that it’s divine without.  The house smoked trout paired with sweet pea cakes and spiced tomato jam was a palate pleaser for the table.  Looking for some richer Southern food?  Don’t worry!  He’s got you covered with that too.  You can find your fried chicken, dumplings, fried green tomatoes and other comfort creatures on the menu as well.

Southern Rail

300 W Camelback Rd.

Phoenix, AZ


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