Foodie Friday: Phoenix Public Market


In the heart of urban Phoenix is a great hangout spot and restaurant that serves fresh, health-focused food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Their burgers are plump and juicy, their salads are fresh and light, the pastries are baked daily for your indulgence, the frittata is full of market veggies and topped with arugula and pesto, need I go on?  Phoenix Public Market Cafe was also the host of one of our Mom’s Night Out.  If the food isn’t enough of a draw, they have a great open air market on Saturdays, food truck Fridays and other locally focused events throughout the month, so keep an eye on their social media to be in the know.

The man behind the concept is Chef Aaron Chamberlain, also the owner of St. Francis and the creator of the cutest little baby boy, Arturo but that’s another story.  Chef Chamberlain was trying to create an amazing gathering space when he started Phoenix Public Market Cafe and I would agree that he has successfully done this.  p2p (4 of 5)If you spot me at Phoenix Public Market, I’m probably doing work, drinking Cartel coffee and eating a salad or I’ll opt for the granola, yogurt and fruit and I’ll also make room for one of those amazing soft chocolate chip cookies or maybe a strawberry + cream macaron.  My favorite salad on the menu is the Chino, it’s packed with chicken, crunchy red cabbage, cashews, carrots and a light ginger soy vinaigrette.  Once I find that menu item I’m in love with, it’s hard to order something else.

Next time you happen to be downtown, be sure to check out the Cafe and let us know what you think.

Phoenix Public Market Cafe



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