Foodie Friday: Little Miss BBQ



Let’s talk about BBQ because it’s almost Labor Day and those two things seem to go together like cookie dough and ice cream (I have a slight obsession).  I’m not the only one with an obsession though.  The people around town have a huge obsession with Little Miss BBQ.  The fact that there is a line outside their little joint everyday should tell you the quality of the product.  It should also be a good indicator that if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should!  Note: They tend to sell out because there is a line so don’t dilly dally around, get there early.

Little Miss BBQ was introduced to me by a follower who won a gift card from AZFoodie and got to choose which restaurant she wanted it from: she picked Little Miss BBQ.   And thus my love for them also began.

What was this Little Miss BBQ and why was it the best I wondered?  I hopped in my car and drove down to meet with Scott Holmes and he dished me out a plate with all the fixings.  This man knows his meat and his way around the smoker.  I got some of the best tasting brisket in town, melt in your mouth pork ribs, plump sausages and a couple of the sides they had to offer.  I can no longer recommend any other BBQ to a friend.  I can understand if you want to grill your own food this weekend but if you don’t, there’s no excuse not to give Scott a visit.  You can also pre-order by the lb., for say a Labor Day party you might be hosting this weekend.  Now that’s the way to wow your crowd!

Little Miss BBQ

4301 E. University Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85034


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