Foodie Friday: Juby True Juice Cleanse


Ah yes, the joys of a juice cleanse, my first one but maybe not my last.  If you are like me and haven’t done a cleanse before, it can seem daunting.  I’ll be honest, I get hangry so I was worried…for my family’s sake, of course.  However, my experience was much different than I expected.  I decided to use Juby True and chose the natural one day cleanse ($50).  They make it easy, you come into the store and pick up all the ready made juice and a salad for the day.  Have questions about your cleanse, ask them, they know their stuff.  All the juices are numbered so all you have to do, is focus on your day and feeling healthy.  Since I had never done a cleanse before, I was instructed to space the juices out to every 2-3 hours and drink lots of water but no caffeine was allowed.  It was suggested that if I started to feel sluggish I should get some chia seeds, put them into water and drink them up.  Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetImmediately leaving Juby True I popped open the Body Karate kick starter shot, which is full of orange, sea buckthorn berry, ginger, lemon, astragalus and nettle oil, great for immune boosting and gorgeous skin!  This went down quick and easy and then I opened up the Get Glowing juice.  I’m used to consuming a lot of sugar, so this was a slight shock to my taste buds.  It has cucumber, pineapple, coconut water and chia seeds, perfect for hydrating your body but definitely has that healthy taste to it.  After a few gulps, I started to enjoy it and finished it up.

By the time I started on my pressed Kale-Aid juice, I was use to the healthy juice flavor and lack of sugar.  This one has celery, apple, cucumber, lemon, kale and ginger.  While drinking the juice, I started to get a slight tummy ache, which I read can be from your body getting use to all the nutrients your consuming.  I will say that I wasn’t feeling sluggish and I wasn’t feeling hungry._DSC0198In fact, by the time I got to Roots Radical, red beets, carrot, pear, ginger, lemon and tumeric, I was feeling productive.  I had this clear headed sensation that I can’t describe but I was focused and getting my work done like never before.  I was able to finish video editing, wrote four blogs and completed a bunch of social media stuff.  This is amazing for me and the tummy ache had gone and my body had adjusted.  I was rockin and rollin people!!!

_DSC0205Once the evening was almost upon me, I still had two more juices.  I will not lie, I was dying to eat that salad and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.   First I tried the Reset Button, which is apple, celery, lemon, jalapeno and filtered water but it had a little too much kick for me.  No worries, I chowed down on that quinoa and kale salad with the lemon dressing and that did the trick.  _DSC0200-2To finish my cleanse off I relaxed on the couch and indulged in the Smooth Operator.  The equivalent of drinking dessert: house almond mylk, dates, cinnamon and vanilla.  The perfect way to end the day and now I have a juice cleanse I can recommend to my friends, I’m even trying to get my husband to do one.

I’m curious, have you ever tried a juice cleanse before and if so, how did you feel?

See you next time foodies xo!

Juby True

3912 E Camelback Road
Phoenix Arizona 85018


  1. Lack of sugar!!!!! All of these juices are jam packed with sugar, I hope mostly naturally occurring, not added, but without any nutrition labels we can’t be sure.
    So far I like the taste of their products but I’ve been trying to get my hands on some nutrition info all week with no luck.


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