Foodie Friday: Fractured Prune



Fractured Prune has been around for a long time–try 1976!–but it hasn’t always been a staple here in Arizona.  Now they have 5 locations around town, soon to be 6, and people are truly digging their doughnuts.  Why are people in love with Fractured Prune and what makes them different than the other doughnut shops around town?  Well, I can’t speak for anybody else but myself, but I love them because they’re made to order and they’re hot when you take a bite.  Where else can you choose your own toppings and create a doughnut as unique as yourself?

When you go to Fractured Prune they have a menu that you are more than welcome to order from but don’t shy away from the opportunity to create your own doughnuts.  This is perfect for children because they get to feel that they participated in the process of making their doughnuts.  We’re told that you can make a total of 155,648 different doughnuts with all the options they give you, so we’re pretty sure you’ll never get tired of eating them!  The doughnuts come out warm and are glazed first and then the toppings are added next.  When you bite into them they’re lightly crisp on the outside and doughy on the inside.  My suggestion is to eat them right away, otherwise they tend to lose that crispness, and they’re not warm anymore, and isn’t that the whole point?

When I go to Fractured Prune I order the cookies and cream with vanilla glaze and cookie crumbs, the OC Sand with honey glaze and cinnamon and sugar, and the Caramel Bliss with caramel glaze and mini chocolate chips.  They have 19 glazes including blueberry, raspberry, cherry, mocha and key lime and there are 13 toppings to choose from like mini marshmallows, crumbled bacon, vanilla wafers and rainbow sprinkles.  So you can be sure to create some mouthwatering and mind blowing combinations every time you go!

To find a location closest to you and to see their menu head to:

After you visit, come back here and let us know what you created!


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