Foodie Friday: Culinary Dropout in Tempe


pretIf you didn’t know that Culinary Dropout opened up their newest edition in Tempe this past Tuesday, now you do. Head over their quick and have a smashing good time. Even though I have a Culinary Dropout location literally 5 mins from my house, I’m in love with the new space that Sam Fox has created. His biggest project yet, reaching 11 Million in cost, it’s was worth every penny, in my opinion._DSC0078[1]-2Suggestion: Go there for brunch with your friends and enjoy sitting out on the “patio” by a fire enjoying a Bacon Infused Bloody Mary, some Captain Crunch French Toast and you better order the pretzels and fondue too. You’ll spend hours laughing and chatting away on the comfy couches, enjoying the food and hopefully playing a few of their games: ping pong anyone?  The French toast is crispy coated on the outside and not too sugary. It has that perfect texture you’re looking for when you bite through that crispy outside. How can you go wrong with a soft pretzels drenched in a mild provolone fondue? We also tried the biscuits and creamy gravy. _DSC0094[1]-2_DSC0089[1]-2Looking for more of a date night or gathering? Evenings are fun too and they have a regular band playing music on certain nights. The bar is always lively and the games are there to play in the evening too.  Those ribs that have been cooking for hours are worth every bite and all the mess they might make.  We also indulged in the Antipasti and ordered the most amazing deviled eggs, brussels sprouts, ciabatta, fondue (again) and some meats.  I definitely recommend all of the above.  You could also check out the chicken and biscuits, juicy meat on the inside with a sweet fried crust on the outside._DSC0072[1]-3Would it be an Arizona Foodie Friday if I didn’t talk dessert?  You must, must, must have the Bourbon black bottom pie.  No words can describe how I feel about this delightful end to a fantastic eating experience.

_DSC0100[1]-2What we love about the new space, they have two amazing and beautifully decorated rooms that can be rented out for private events. The coop is a great space in general, I can only imagine what it would be like if you had a special event their too.

There are a few other businesses sharing the space surrounding and above, think Over Easy by Aaron May, opening soon. Sam Fox, you’ve done it again but don’t just take my word for it fellow foodies, head over there this weekend and see for yourself.

Culinary Dropout

149 S. Farmer
Tempe, Arizona 85281

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Diana was raised on the beach in San Diego eating ox tail and cow’s tongue, which helped form her love of water and all things edible. She spent a lot of her childhood in Seattle, where her family currently lives but moved down to Phoenix 10 years ago with her husband. Currently she plays ninjas and dragons with her two sons, Kellan and Carter, and eats her way through town for her blog, AZFoodie. Diana loves sharing the foodie culture in Phoenix and is thrilled to see it growing. You’ll find her chowing down all over town, laughing with the Chefs and schmoozing at the local food events.


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