Foodie Friday: Banh Mi Bistro


NorthphoenixmomsblgobanhmibistroThis little hidden gem should be added to your must eat list! It’s located off the I-17 and Bell, tucked neatly away by Lamar’s Donuts.  Banh Mi Bistro is a quick, easy, inexpensive and absolutely delicious any time of day.  When you walk in you’ll find it clean and modern looking inside, with a TV hanging on the wall and some games in the back for your family to enjoy.  The owners, a husband and wife duo, will probably be there to greet you– and with over 10 years of managing Little Saigon under their belt, they knew what they were doing when they opened up Banh Mi Bistro.  It had always been a dream for them to open their own establishment and we are so glad that their dream came true!  They have all kinds of Vietnamese food and drinks to try…here are just a few of the items that I keep coming back for:

We have to start with the pork pot stickers, because they are amazing.  I don’t know what they do to them that makes them so special, but seriously, you have got to give them a try.  For some traditional Banh Mi with a little twist, I love getting the Shaken beef with tons of cubed rib eye steak, bell peppers, onions, Asian coleslaw and sesame dressing served on a baguette with homemade aioli, pickled carrots, radish, cilantro, jalapeno and sliced cucumbers.  The sandwich is quite a large portion for only $7 and the flavor profile is off the chart.  I won’t share mine with anyone, I’ll just save it for later.

NorthphoenixmomsblgobanhmibistroWe also get the noodle bowl salads with chicken and a pork egg roll atop a huge helping of thin rice vermicelli with sliced cucumbers, bean sprouts, cilantro, mint, lettuce, pickled carrots, radish, scallions, peanuts and a sweet fish sauce vinaigrette.  Don’t let the fish sauce scare you–it does not taste like fish.  In fact, the whole dish is cool and refreshing and you’ll wish it never ended, because you can’t stop eating the darn thing.

If you are opting to have a drink, may I suggest one of their smoothies, preferably the taro flavored one.  I’m a huge fan of taro, which is a tropical root and has a taste that I can’t describe, but I absolutely love.  Oh, and the shaved ice is pretty amazing too!  I think that no matter what you eat here, you’ll be pretty happy about it, and I think you’ll be thanking us for the recommendation!

Banh Mi Bistro

2340 W Bell Rd St. 110

Phoenix AZ 85023


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Diana was raised on the beach in San Diego eating ox tail and cow’s tongue, which helped form her love of water and all things edible. She spent a lot of her childhood in Seattle, where her family currently lives but moved down to Phoenix 10 years ago with her husband. Currently she plays ninjas and dragons with her two sons, Kellan and Carter, and eats her way through town for her blog, AZFoodie. Diana loves sharing the foodie culture in Phoenix and is thrilled to see it growing. You’ll find her chowing down all over town, laughing with the Chefs and schmoozing at the local food events.


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