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Fitwall is open in North Scottsdale, and trust me, you want to get in there!  Last week, a few members of the North Phoenix Moms Blog team were fortunate enough to be treated to a private class.  We were introduced to the facility, unique equipment, incredible technology, and top-notch coaching; we had one heck of a workout!

005 Dream Photography Studio :: North Phoenix Moms Blog :: FitwallStrength training, cardio, and flexibility were all incorporated into our workout, and there was a wonderful emphasis put on functional movement and the quality of movement associated with each exercise.  Our trainer clearly demonstrated how each exercise could be modified to fit our needs.  She was incredible about tuning into our individual strengths and ability levels, and made sure to encourage us and support us along the way.  You won’t find trainers berating you or tricking you into thinking you only have 5 reps left when you really have 10 (please tell me I’m not the only person who can’t stand this)!  The Fitwall experience was very motivating, with an emphasis placed on educating us about the specific movements on the Fitwall, the motions associated with each exercise, the recovery, and everything in between.

004 Dream Photography Studio :: North Phoenix Moms Blog :: FitwallFitwall maintains an 8:1 ratio for the group classes, which ensures focused attention and quality feedback for every workout.  There’s a custom playlist for each workout, and the volume aligns with the intensity during the class.  40 minutes for an amazing workout!

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008 Dream Photography Studio :: North Phoenix Moms Blog :: FitwallDid I mention that you get a cold mint and lavender towel and shot of coconut water at the end of the session?  Or that you wear a heart rate monitor that’s attached to your personal iPad that guides you through the workout, tracks your performance, shows targeted effort zones, and tracks your progress over time?  Or that the facility is modern, very clean, and wonderfully designed?  Or, that the staff is friendly?  Or, that there’s drop-in daycare in the same complex?  Or that parking is plentiful?  Can you think of any reason that you shouldn’t be online scheduling a workout at Fitwall?  DO IT!  You’re truly missing out if you don’t go experience it for yourself!

006 Dream Photography Studio :: North Phoenix Moms Blog :: FitwallWe’re thrilled that we were able to enjoy our session last week, and we certainly won’t be strangers to their facility.  I found the entire experience refreshing, incredibly challenging, and encouraging. I felt great when I left, and my body (though sore) thanked me!  I know I have some work to do to get myself back to a place I’m comfortable with after having my son, and I’m sure I’m not alone (right mamas?!).  This is certainly a resource to help make those goals more tangible.

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Want to come check out the first Fitwall in Arizona?  They are having a VIP Party tonight from 4-7pm and you are invited!  Fun, food and prizes, including your chance to win 10 classes FREE!  RSVP and visit here for all the details.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. I loved this workout! Such a cool concept, it was hard but fun at the same time. The instuctor was awesome and super knowledgeable, willing to help modify and adjust as needed. High tech studio and the music was on point. Can’t wait to go back!


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