First Dip in the Pool with Baby? 5 Tips for Success


As temperatures are expected to rise to 110 ºF this summer, the first thing that comes to mind as an AZ mom of an 11-month old daughter is how to keep cool while being able to entertain her and still have fun. For us AZ native moms, we know that the best way to stay cool during Arizona’s scorching summers is by taking a swim in the pool, but is your baby ready for their first dip?  Experts have said time and time again that you can introduce your infant to water whenever you feel comfortable (as long as the baby’s belly button or circumcision has healed). The earlier you introduce your child to water, the more comfortable the child will be in the pool. 

Here are 5 ways to get your baby ready for their first dip:

  1. Be calm: Your baby can sense fear. Lead the way while feeling confident and at ease. 
  2. Start slow: Dip your baby’s toes into the water so they can get used to the feel of it on their skin.
  3. Time for water: If your baby accepts the water, it’s time for more. Gradually submerge your baby’s body into the water. Once you and your baby are fully in the pool, stand at a safe spot where you can easily hold on to your child and get out if needed. Hold on to your baby at all times.
  4. Have fun/Entertain your baby: Take a toy with you in the pool or play a game. For example, you can use a ball to keep your child engaged in the water or you can sing nursery rhymes to keep their focus. 
  5. If your baby gets grumpy, get out: You want to make sure that your baby’s first time in the pool is enjoyable and exciting. Forcing your baby in the pool can do more harm than good in the long run. If it seems like your baby is not ready, wait a couple weeks and try again.

Remember, at the end of the day what’s most important is staying safe and having fun with your baby!


  1. Great tips on keeping babies safe in pools! It is much needed in AZ to make sure that kids are cooling off, but also conscious of water safety!


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