finding the perfect nanny
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Last month, our beloved babysitter left for college. She has known Mary Alice since she was born. For the past few years, she has watched Mary Alice and Sebastian every Friday morning for a few hours while I run errands, attend doctors appointments and parent teacher conferences, edit photos, and write blog posts.

Since the window of time I was looking for is during weekday morning hours, that did not leave me with many options on finding the perfect nanny to fill her shoes. I was nervous about having someone in my home that I did not know to watch my little ones. 

Last year, at our Bloom event, we heard from Rosalind with Trusting Connections. I remembered her talking about their extensive background checks, so I began scouring their website. Their nannies are required to pass a 21 point checklist before hire that includes a background investigation completed by a private detective.

That is exactly what I was hoping for! I knew that meant it would be a more expensive service, but knowing that my children are safe when I need childcare is what I needed.

I had the opportunity to try out their services while Brian, my husband, and I went Christmas shopping. It was fantastic. About 4 weeks before the date, we started the placement process. This process helped us find the perfect nanny for our family! Her temperament is even similar to mine! At the time, I began to wonder if the process was too long or too much. I can absolutely tell you that it was worth it. There was not one time she needed to call me to ask a question. She knew the kids preferences about food and playtime. She knew my preferences about screen time and discipline. She knew their usual schedule and preferred activities – all before she even entered the house! 

finding the perfect nanny

She knew that my eight year old might have a friend stop by to ride bikes in the cul de sac and that it was fine. Every little detail made the morning wonderful. When I returned, she handed me a report card with meals, snacks, diaper changes, potty times, and sleep. I didn’t have to wonder about the anything! The kids had a blast and they want to know when Ms. Jennifer is coming back. 

If you are looking for a full time nanny, or a nanny from time to time, you can take it from a mom who has tried their services! I will recommend Trusting Connections to everyone. 

And, as if I could not love Trusting Connections even more, I wanted to make you aware of this upcoming event:

On Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020 co-founders Rosalind Prather and Caroline Wesnitzer will be at the Marriott in Chandler (1600 S. Price Rd. Chandler, AZ  85286) ready to cast their vote of confidence in young women with their wallets. They have pledged to purchase cookies from every girl scout that comes to peddle boxes of deliciousness between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. In the spirit of the educational purpose of this program, Prather and Wesnitzer ask that each girl give a brief sales pitch before being invited to draw from a jar that will contain notes indicating how many boxes the agency will purchase (1-25 boxes).

“These are lessons that last far beyond the sale of one box of cookies,” said Trusting Connections Co-Founder, Rosalind Prather. “As a female entrepreneur, a mother of two young girls, a former Girl Scout and current troop leader, I certainly want to watch the next generation of female leaders show up as their fearless, enabled and confident selves. This is one way, each year, that we believe we can take part in helping young women develop that growth mindset.”

            “The Girl Scout cookie buying event is by far our favorite of the year. As young female entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of mentorship and instilling self-confidence in the next generation of female professionals,” said Trusting Connections Co-Founder, Caroline Wesnitzer. “It is always a treat watching these girls get creative with their sales pitches by bringing hand-made signs, business cards and sometimes even a fun song.”


  1. I love that you are hyper vigilant about who watches your children. When all parties are comfortable with one another, it flows so much better! No incessant worries!


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