Fashion Friday – DIY Colored Jeans


So, have you all seen the jeans that come in a ton of different colors?  I love them and have bought a few different colored ones that I have been wearing.  My sister had the idea of taking some of our regular blue jeans and dying them ourselves.  We each had a pair of jeans that we didn’t wear very often, mine because they were too short which is super cute for colored pants, but the regular blue jeans looked funny on me.  Make sure if you are trying this, don’t use jeans with rips or holes because the bleach will just eat away at the fabric.

We started by bleaching both of our pairs of jeans.  This way, the color will be bolder when it attaches to the bleached pants.  We followed the instructions on the bleach and combined one part bleach with three parts water.  We did this in the bath tub and used a whole large bottle of bleach which was less than $5.00 at Target.


We checked on them regularly.  First after about an hour. Then after about four hours.


At this point, one pair, my sister’s, was pretty much bleached.  Different fabrics take the bleach at different rates.  We should have removed that pair at this point and washed it, but we left it in with the other pair over night.


The next morning, both pairs looked pretty bleached.  We put them in the washing machine.  When we removed them for they dryer, my sister’s pair had shredded and was unusable.  So, make sure you are checking on the bleaching process and remove them when they have reached a white-ish shade.


I bought Rit dye from Hobby Lobby for less than $3 in the shade of tangerine.  They have a pretty good selection of colors there.  I used the washing machine method, but there are instructions for several methods on the inside of the dye box.  If you want a brighter, bold color you might want to use two packages of the dye.  Mine turned out a little muted, but I still love them!


Let me know what color you choose or would choose to do a fun pair of pants in!



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