Fashion Friday – Date Night Smokey Eye Tutorial


Any of you mamas having a post-Valentine’s date tonight?  I thought I would do a tutorial on the ever-so-popular smokey eye that all the celebrities wear.  If you have a special occasion that you would like to spice up your look for then this easy tutorial is for you.  There are a ton of variations on the smokey eye and you can do an endless amount of color combinations; I am doing a simple grey that can be made as dramatic or neutral as you would like.

For this look you will need 3 shades of shadow(cream, medium grey, and dark grey or black), eyeliner(usually liquid is recommended, but use your favorite), mascara, brushes, and an eyelash curler.

1) Start with a clean eye, free from mascara or left-over eyeshadow.  I have primer and some foundation on my lid to keep the shadow from creasing.  (My eyeliner is permanent, but I will add to it in step 2 for this look)

2) Apply eyeliner as close to your lash-line as possible on both upper and lower lids.  This does not have to be a thick line, but you might want to add a small “wing” for the cat-eye effect.

3) Apply cream shadow that is a little lighter than your skin-tone on your top lids from your lashes to your eyebrows.

4) Use medium grey shadow and apply from inner corners to about two-thirds across your lids.

5) Start in outer corners and apply darkest shade in towards lighter color and blend into the creases.

6) Use a clean brush to blend shadows together so there is a smooth transition.  You can add more to either shade as you blend to darken up any spots.

7) For a more dramatic look, you can add either of the pigmented shadows to your lower lash-line.  By using a slightly wet brush, you can get a silkier texture with the shadow that will last longer and stay in place.

Now, curl your lashes and add a few coats of your favorite mascara or a combination of two different mascaras.  (For a more glamorous look, you can add some false lashes, but I prefer to use Mabelline’s Falsies mascara instead!)

Make sure to use a clean, dry powder brush to sweep off any powder that has landed on your cheeks and do your eyes before the rest of your makeup so you don’t have to fix that later.

I would suggest going more neutral on your cheeks and lips with this look to keep the focus on those smoldering eyes that you worked so hard for! 🙂

Hope you have fun trying out this look and let me know how it turns out!



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