Fashion + Beauty Friday – Braided Around Ponytail!


Any mommas out there with some crazy hair lately?  This weather that we have been having can lead to some frizzy, hot-messes on top of our heads.  I thought I would give you some tips on how to tame that mane, and a quick hairstyle for those days when you just need your hair up and away, but don’t want to settle for a plain old ponytail.

First off, make sure you are conditioning your hair and don’t wash it too often.  The natural oils from your scalp are good for your hair, especially with all the sun and heat it is being exposed to right now.  For curly hair, which is usually a bit dryer than other types, try only washing every other to every third day.  If you feel like your hair is getting too greasy, you can always just rinse and condition it, or use a dry shampoo for a little lift.  I have three types of dry shampoos that I alternate between and don’t know what I would do without them.

Next, make sure you are using some type of oil or conditioning/protecting product on your hair after you shower.  I love Moroccan Oil!  Check out my review of Agave Healing Oil.  These products can help restore hair while protecting it from the sun, wind, and heat of styling (and walking outside in the summer!)  Also, try to take a break from the blow-dryer and curling/flat irons for a while.  Let your hair air-dry and show off the natural waves, curls, straightness, etc.  you have!

Now, for a quick way to get your hair off your sweaty (I mean glowing!) face and neck.  Start by parting your hair and braiding across your hairline above your forehead and past your ear on one side.  You can use a French or Dutch (inside or out) braid…whichever you prefer.  Next finish braiding that hair without adding any more.  Put a small elastic at the end.  Pull the rest of your hair up into a pony…high, low, side, whatever you like.  Then wrap the braid around the ponytail, secure with a few bobby pins, and tada!  Cute, chic, and out of the way! 🙂

For another hairstyle, look back at my updo using a headband.

What’s your go-to hairstyle when it’s hot and sticky?



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