Fashion and Beauty Friday – Quick and Easy Polished Hair Tutorial


At our last meeting for the moms of the blog I had my hair in a super easy updo that I got so many compliments on I figured I would do a post on it.  It is the perfect style for these hot and sticky days when you don’t want your hair on the back of your neck and it’s a little more “done” than a ponytail.  This style works with medium to long hair and any type.  I honestly think mine turns out best when my hair is a bit dirty and crazy…see pic below 🙂


Here's what I started with...just combed the top...the ends won't matter
Here’s what I started with…just combed the top…the ends won’t matter

All you need for this style is an elastic headband (which you can find in any color and for cheap at Target, Walgreens, the dollar store, etc) and some bobby pins.

Choose a headband that matches your hair color or one to accent your outfit!
Choose a headband that matches your hair color or one to accent your outfit!

Here’s the steps to create this style:

1) Start with hair parted (side or center part works).  Put the elastic headband on head on top of hair.



2) Start on one side of face and tuck hair up and around the headband.  Work your way back towards your ear, then repeat on the other side.


3) Take the rest of the hair that is hanging down in back and roll and tuck it up over the headband.  I usually do this without looking.  I think it looks best when it’s a bit messy.



4) Make sure all the ends are tucked in, secure with some bobby pins, and you’re done!



Have fun trying it out with different headbands.  It works with thicker ones as well and there are even some with sparkles, multi-colored, etc.  Let me know how it goes!



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