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I am constantly looking up the current fashion trends.  I don’t always follow those trends and I definitely am not always in the most current and trendy clothes, but I love to look at all of that and dream about getting a whole new wardrobe each season!  Since we are now in fall, although it hasn’t really felt like it lately, I thought I would share what the fashion pros are saying about the current color trends this season.

If you didn’t know, the “color of the year” is emerald green for 2013.  For the fall, this color is used as an accent with accessories or layers.  Black is always in style, I feel at least, but fashion experts are saying that all-black outfits are very in this season.  I like to add an accent color to an all-black outfit and jewel tones are a great addition this time of year.  It could be a statement necklace or scarf or even just a chunky bracelet.

This season on the runway along with the abundance of black, there was a lot of pinks and reds to brighten things up.  And, of course there are always the neutral creams and camels.  Purple has been a popular color this spring and summer, but it is being phased out by blue.  Another surprising trend for fall is seafoam green; not usually thought of as a fall color, but is a large part of many designers lines this season.

A great way to incorperate the colors of the season without changing your whole wardrobe is nailpolish.  The most popular look for the season is black, but if that is too dramatic for you, there are some alternatives.  Midnight blue, oxblood, and emerald green are all great polish colors for this time of year.


For more on the colors of the season, visit the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013.

Let me know your color(s) of choice for the season in the comments below.


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