Fashion and Beauty Friday – Coconut Oil!


Coconut oil is becoming more and more of a widely used product.  It has become a staple in many households for a variety of reasons.  Coconut oil is such a versatile substance that can be used in lots of areas of our lives.


The most obvious use for this oil is in cooking.  It’s high smoke point makes it great to use in many dishes.  You can use it as a dairy-free replacement for butter.  Plus, you can even use it to season your cast iron skillets. On a side note, it can clean and condition your leather couch or jacket.

I have been hearing more and more about different ways to incorporate coconut oil into my beauty routine.  It can be used as a lotion and has even been shown to reduce age spots, cellulite, and varicose veins.  It works as a great makeup remover, can resolve acne problems, and even get rid of lice.  There are many scrubs and exfoliants that you can make using this oil for your face, feet, or all over your body.  It can be used as a conditioner or applied to dry hair to reduce frizz.  I have not tried it, but I have heard you can use it as a natural deodorant. This list goes on and on in this department and I can’t wait to continue trying them!

For health, there are also many, many uses.  Coconut oil is a natural antiseptic that can be used to heal wounds, soothe sunburns, and even stop bug bites from itching.  There has been evidence to show that the consumption of coconut oil can help with depression and anxiety, prevent Alzheimers, kill yeast infections, and even boost milk supply in nursing moms.  It can be taken as a dietary supplement that is especially good for pregnant or nursing women.  The most recent use I have heard about is oil pulling.  This is where you put and spoonful of coconut oil (or other type of oil) in your mouth and suck on it or swish it around for 10 minutes without swallowing.  It draws out any toxins in your mouth and leads to healthier gums and teeth.  Has anyone out there tried this?  I would be very interested to hear if you have!

For more ideas and information on ways to use coconut oil, visit 101 Uses for Coconut Oil.

I would love to hear about any ways that you use coconut oil!  Please share in the comments below!

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  1. We cook with it, but we also use it as lotion and in our homemade deodorant, which I finally found one that works after about 3 years of trying all the natural brands. I broke out when I tried to use it on my face, but I have super sensitive skin. Love coconut oil! I can’t jump on the oil pulling bandwagon though. Just don’t think I could do it.


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