Farming Up a Good Time


Well, I’ve reached another first as a mom. You know, first time baby laughs, first steps, first time kid barfs on you in public, etc. This week’s first was my older daughter’s first preschool field trip. I was lucky enough to be able to take a day off and chaperone her trip to Tolmachoff Farms in Glendale. It’s a small, family-owned farm that has a TON for families to do, especially in the fall season.

When we arrived, we got straight to the educational part of the trip. Our tour guide took the kids out into the field and helped them to harvest cucumbers, Swiss chard, zucchini, and radishes while teaching them about how plants are grown. Then, they went into the “corn classroom.” This was a little room-sized gap in the middle of the cornfield with hay bales set up as seats, where the kids learned all about corn. The best part was the Corn Dance, which I might just happen to demonstrate in person if you see me in a public place. After that, the kiddos went through the corn maze (don’t worry, they can’t actually get lost in it), where it took all the self control I possessed to keep from singing about the corn being as high as an elephant’s eye. (Gimme a break, I watched WAY too many musicals as a kid).


My daughter’s favorite part, though, was the free time. There were lots of animals to pet and see- ponies, piglets, chickens, ducks, and goats. The bounce house was a huge hit with the preschool crowd, and I saw a lot of bigger kids enjoying the huge trampoline. She and her friends loved the train ride (a quad pulling a lot of 50 gallon water barrels converted into trailers). They got to drive around the farm in their little ladybug cars- see giant grin below as evidence of fun being had by all.

My daughter’s favorite part by far, though, was the corn box. Imagine a giant sand box filled six inches deep. The girls loved digging in the corn, making corn angels, rolling in it, and being buried in it. You know all those things that cooler moms than I am are constantly pinning on Pinterest about sensory play? Yeah- Tolmachoff had sensory play. And piglets.

On the practical side, they did a great job of making the place preschooler friendly. The bathrooms were portajohns, but they were almost impeccably clean. There were hand sanitizer and hand washing stations within easy reach. My daughter had a great time making a mess, pretending to be a farmer, and petting the horses. I think we’ve found a new family tradition for fall!

Speaking of family time, guess which Mom’s Blog is doing a play date to Tolmachoff Farms next week? Stay tuned for more details!

(Also, blame the Muppets for my horrible, punny title. Fozzie’s unique brand of cheeseball humor has now taken over my brain. Wokka wokka!)


  1. Went there last year when Jack was one. He loved it. Can’t wait to go again. And, congratulations on being a blogger. Now you’ve just given me one more to read. Thanks.


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