Family Traditions


Do you have any favorite family traditions that you did when you were a kid? I can think of a handful of traditions that parents did with us kids when we were younger.  Now that I am older, I have learned to appreciate those special traditions even more.

The first tradition that comes to mind is one my mom did for us on the first day of school every year.  She always had fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for us when we got home and then would take us out for pizza. I was so antsy on the bus ride home, anticipating the taste of those warm cookies.  I still remember walking in the front door and getting a whiff of the fresh cookies from the oven.  My sisters and I would share with my mom stories of our first day of school, our new teachers, and our new friends we made.   Then, we would head out to favorite Pizza place for dinner.

Another tradition my mom and dad both did was set aside Special nights for each of us kids individually.  Sometimes it would be just my mom and me, or sometimes my mom and dad too.    The best part was that we got to choose where ever we wanted to go.  I think most of the time we would get one new outfit and then I wanted to go to Chucky Cheese.    I felt so special to have that alone time with my parents.

One of my favorite traditions was when my parents would reward us for good grades.  Once our report cards came in and they were acceptable my parents would plan a special weekend for us at the Radisson.  One trip that sticks out the most was the one we went to that had an indoor playground and indoor pool.  The pool had a waterfall you could actually go behind and sit.  No one could see you back there and I thought it was the coolest thing.

The last tradition that I want to talk about is related to the picture above.   My mom has always called us her lady bugs.  She has gotten us little gifts that have had lady bugs on them our whole lives, not to mention verbally reaffirming us that we are her lady bugs.   Two years ago when my husband and I went to Europe, I wanted to bring something back for each of my family members.  I had no clue what that gift was going to be but while we were in Venice we took a boat tour to Murano.  Murano is an island off of Venice that is known for its hand blown glass factories.   While we were taking a tour I spotted these glass lady bugs and knew that they were going to be the gifts for them. Even though it was little, the meaning behind it is big and I knew they would all appreciate them.

As I’ve gotten older I appreciate all the things they have done for me that what I did as a kid.  My parent’s taking the extra time to create special traditions with me and my sisters will always leave great memories in my heart.

I hope this has inspired you to start some traditions with your kids or continue the ones you already have.  I know I have a list of things I want to do with my mine some day.


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