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This is a sponsored post. I received services in exchange for this review. My opinions are my own and my review is an honest one.

I love my stylist…like A LOT! What I love most about visiting Melissa at Matriarch Salon is the environment…it’s the perfect getaway for mom (or dad) but still kid friendly…I take my kiddos to her too! Well really my whole family has the treat of going to her for our fresh + trending cuts. Today she is sharing a tutorial for trending fall hair fashions for us moms!…specifically how to achieve Bohemian Hair Texture.
Bohemian Texture: 
  • Layer Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Lotion and about a golf ball size of Kevin Murphy Body Builder to towel dried hair.  Pull through hair, scalp to ends. The Hair Resort Lotion with give the hair a natural beach texture and the body builder will give the hair volume and hold from scalp to ends.
  • Using your fingers build volume throughout the hair, occasionally using the palm of your hands and make a scrunching motion. This will give the hair a bend even if your hair is naturally straight.
  • Once the hair is completely dry, you can touch up a few ends around the face with a 1″ iron for more of a wave or a flat iron.
  • Finish with Kevin Murphy Session Spray.

Second day Bohemian Texture: 
  • Utilizing the natural texture and pre-existing product from the day before pick up random strands of hair; with a 1″ iron start half way down the hair strand and make a full rotation. Leave the ends out to give a more relaxed feel. By, starting mid way down the hair shaft you will achieve a beachy texture. I typically wrap the hair away from the face for day time and alternate directions for evening. I also enjoy using a triple barrel from time to time just to give the hair a different texture.
  • Shake hair with fingers to separate the curls.
  • Finish with a light mist of Kevin Murphy Session Spray.

Low pony tails are also a strong trend in upcoming fall fashion, loosely gather the hair in a low pony with elastic and wrap a piece of your hair around it for a quick out the door style. The texture from the product will also help the hair have some grip and last all day.
Thanks to Melissa at Matriarch Salon for our fall hair fashion tips to keep us mamas looking our best. Check her and the gals at Matriarch out TODAY!

Matriarch Salon
P: (623) 640-2720
This is a sponsored post. I received services in exchange for this review. My opinions are my own and my review is an honest one.


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