Goodbye to the Heat! It’s Finally Time to Enjoy Fall


Dear Fall Heat, 

Let’s jump right into it friend, it’s time for you to skedaddle. It’s been a fun summer and we had a blast, but we need a change. It’s for sure you, not me. Not to sound ungrateful, I appreciate all the free pool heating and excuses to eat popsicles on the daily, but let me let you in on a little secret, IT IS FALL. Cool it down please. 

It’s time for picking apples, hay rides and mid-day family walks. My picture ready flannel shirt isn’t looking so cute with my cut offs, and frankly the hay makes my legs itch. My babies want to play outside without getting red in the face. Heck, I want to play outside without my makeup melting and my hair drenched in sweat. I am ready to really embrace all things “fall” and plan for Thanksgiving. However, in order to make that happen, I need you to pack your bags and go.

Did I mention that our fall decor just looks silly when it’s still almost 100 degrees outside? There is a real, and clearly rational, fear of it either melting or combusting when you get too warm.

I am ready to retire my Birkenstock tan, and bust out those cute boots that stare at me from the closet begging to be worn. I also have adorable scarves that haven’t seen the light of day in, well, a very long time. This is Phoenix, we will be sweater ready at 75 degrees. So I am really not asking for much.  

Let’s make a deal, you refrain from going over 85 degrees for a few months, and I won’t complain about you all summer. Well, at least not until halfway through the summer. Thanks. 


One Hot N. Phx. Mom 


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