How to Enjoy Your Husband

This was originally posted in 2017, but with many of us at home with a different routine, extra people under foot, and tensions running high, it might be worth a reminder in this new strange season.

Let’s get real for a second. Being a mom of children of any age makes it very hard to enjoy your husband the way you did when there were no kids around. I don’t mean just sex, I mean I used to spend hours talking to my husband, eating with him, watching movies with him. But when we have a baby who demands my every waking second it is hard to show my husband that I am still here and first and foremost his wife. Here are some tips to get that time with your husband and show him how much you love him! 

1. Schedule- This might sound totally dorky, but I am a HUGE scheduler. I love routine and planning. Don’t get me wrong I find spontaneity extremely romantic but waiting around for the perfect spontaneous moment can feel like a life time. I schedule my time throughout the day to make sure I have some uninterrupted time to spend with my husband. I take advantage of nap times, early bedtimes and independent play time to take a moment to just be with him.

2. Little kisses and hugs- Sometimes schedules don’t work out. Melody will often skip her nap or refuse to go to bed on time and my amazing plan of spending an hour with Cody after Melody’s bedtime and before our bedtime is thrown off. I try to make up for it by giving him hugs and little pecks whenever I can. 

3. Put off chores for a few minutes- I LOVE a clean house. I get so stressed when my house is a wreck. But sometimes I put off doing the dishes or organizing something to just sit and talk for a few short minutes. Cody really loves it and I do too. It often puts me in a better mood when finishing my work around the house. 

What ways have you found that help you enjoy your husband and make time for him? Let me know in the comments! 


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