Empower Me: Celebrating the Power of Women Supporting Women


Empowerment. The opportunity to become stronger and mightier than before. Women who rally around one another are a force to be reckoned with, wouldn’t you agree? I love the image of an elephant herd. When an enemy tries to attack, the elephants form a circle of protection around one another. It is a place of safety. Belonging. Unification.

Generations of women have given us boldness to make history. We do not like the way something is? We gather, we brainstorm, we connect, we challenge, and we fight for the greater good.

In times of strife and stress, uncertainty and fear, let us remember our fellow sisters. Let us come alongside and uplift one another in those trying moments and make the storm tremble with our united front.

Empower me—

As a woman,

I yearn for acceptance,

…and power

…and love.

Inside I have built walls

and secret passages that hide—

My true passion, my dreams, my identity,

for fear, that if you see the “real” me,

People will run…

Do they?

Will they?

Take off the mask,

Come into the light…

Embrace your beauty,

Behold your uniqueness…

Empower Me—

Women of the past,

Women of the future,

Join together your indescribable selves

And unite as one so your voices will be heard,

A stance can be taken,

A difference can be made.

Join forces, thoughts, dreams…

Be different, yet united-

Make this world a better, safer, and more

Interesting place to belong, to serve

Alongside, inside—

Empower me.

Empower me, women, with your voice,

Your individual song,

Your one of a kind story,

Help me relate, stand out among the crowd…

Help me matter—

Empower me.

Equip me with boldness,

Hug me with ingenuity,

Fill me with indelible laughter,

Help me create and leave a legacy—

Of love, of vision, of hope, of inspiration—

Help me to dream freely,

Immensely, to the highest degree,

To the greatest extent—

Let my significance shine,

My worth speaks out.

Empower me.


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