Easy Fall Fun


As the number of COVID cases are ticking up again, some of us with higher risk family members are about to spend even more time at home. This feels like a huge bummer, I know. However, if 2020 is teaching my family anything, it is resilience and finding joy in some of the most basic things. Here are some ways we are remembering to find some easy fall fun at home (or extremely socially distanced) over the next few weeks:

Balloons, bubbles, boxes, and blooms: Just think back to any time you have been in the presence of a kid with a balloon or bubbles and this is self explanatory. My older children are watching their youngest sibling discover the joy of bubbles for the first time. The baby is not big enough to safely play with balloons, but my older kids have traded the water balloons of summer in for balloon tennis or drawing funny faces on balloons and telling wonderful stories with their new creations. Plus, there’s still the old standby of a good cardboard box! My kids also giggle with delight whenever we cut flowers from our garden, but they don’t even need that- they are just as thrilled over picking dandelions or wildflowers while out on a walk.

The Car: Since we aren’t going many places these days, my kids get extremely excited over just getting in the car. This means extremely simple trips are good for a ton of amusement.  We have created a little tradition of easy “Fall Fun Fridays” which means that once a week we do something like put on some music and go get a lemonade (I am trying not to hoard my gift cards from Salad and Go…), or just get in the car and let the kids pick which way to go and which way to turn so they feel like they are navigating an adventure. If you want some fool proof easy fall fun for younger kids, go to the car wash. This is one of many of our to-do list items that I might find mundane but I forget that my kids think it is magical.

Making cards or drawings or other special “treats” for anyone and everyone: Tis the season to embrace all that enthusiasm for entertaining and serving others and making people smile. What neighborhood doesn’t need a little more cheerfulness dropped off at their door?!

Countdowns: Here’s something that I know makes me kind of weird- I hate surprises. Not only does my type A personality get really uncomfortable with not having a plan but ALSO I feel like surprises rob me of the excitement of the countdown. One of our final easy fall fun activities will be moving into the winter months. We will be creating our traditional countdown chains to Christmas and I know that I will also be counting down until the new year for sure! In the meantime, we will try to keep having fun as we wait for life to get a little more normal again.

Any easy fall fun you are loving and want to share?



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