10 of the Best Easter Gifts for Kids that are Not Candy


It seems that more and more, holidays have become an excuse to pump our littles with presents and sweets in the name of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Between school parties and themed candies for every holiday imaginable, I have to admit, it’s hard not to buy in. (Have you seen all the varieties of kisses Hershey’s has come up with as of late? There’s no end, and believe me, I don’t hate it… but can we draw a line? A mom only has so much willpower!) However, I don’t love succumbing to stuffing more sugary candies into my kids’ stockings/baskets, etc. in the name of holiday celebrations. So in addition to a few sweet treats, our family has gotten into the tradition of filling our kids’ Easter baskets and plastic eggs (pro tip: the bigger ones are perfect for little toys) with non-edible gifties. Here are a few favorites:

Easter Treats Kids Not Candy

LEGO mini figures —The mini-figure pack won’t fit into a regular-sized plastic egg, so you could always open and pre-assemble it for a standard plastic egg. If your child likes to be the one to open the pack and assemble, buy some larger ones (Target’s bargain bins and the dollar stores are great places to pick up packs of larger plastic eggs or plastic carrots, bunnies and ducks in which to tuck little prizes for an Easter egg hunt).

Shopkins — Buy a multi-pack and divvy them up among several eggs. Easy peasy.

Pencils and erasers — Again, hit up the dollar stores or Target/Wal-Mart for Easter-themed pencils, erasers, notepads, stickers or pencil sharpeners to fill the baskets.

Mini-activity packs — Disney Grab and Go Play Packs (Party City carries these or you can find them online and sometimes at dollar stores, too) are filled with stickers, crayons and mini activity/coloring books, making for a perfect item for the bunny to leave behind.

Puzzles — While you could go all out with Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle sets, we’re willing to bet your littles will be just as happy with the cardboard kind. (Your budget will thank you, too!)

Temporary tattoos — Whether themed for Easter or your kids’ favorite characters, temporary tattoos are another easy and inexpensive non-edible egg or basket filler.

Mini nail polish sets — Hit up Claire’s for kits that can either be broken down individually for eggs or given as a whole set in the basket.

Clips or earrings — While you’re at Claire’s… cute hair clips, bows or little earring sets make for other fun non-edibles in girly girls’ baskets.

Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars — These are like $1 pretty much anywhere, so stock up and distribute accordingly for Easter egg hunts or baskets.

Cold hard cash — I might get some flack for this, but the Hubs and I fill some of our kids’ Easter eggs with money. From nickels and quarters to the coveted golden egg containing a $5 bill, I’d rather give my kids money (that they are asked to save for something special) than a tummy full of stale Peeps or fondant-filled chocolate eggs.

Easter gifts that are not candyRegardless of how you fill your kids’ baskets and eggs this year, we hope the celebration of the holiday brings your family a day filled with fun and joy! Happy Easter!


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