Easter Egg Items Other Than Candy


An Easter egg hunt is something everyone looks forward to. However, after searching and collecting, kids joyfully open an egg up to find melted candy inside, or in some cases, candy covered in ants. Arizona always seems to deal a hot day for Easter no matter when it falls so I have learned to save candy for their basket and focus on other items for their eggs.

Here are some suggestions for Easter egg items other than candy.

  • Money – everyone loves getting money and with young kids you can just put in coins and they would still be excited. 
  • Stickers – for older kids you might aim for the very popular water bottle stickers and with younger kids choose anything they might like.
  • Desk pets – These mini animals are all the rage in elementary schools right now. They are tiny, cute, and sold in bulk and perfect for fitting in an egg.
  • Mini erasers – they are sold in all shapes and sizes and the most popular seem to be food shaped erasers.
  • Mini Lego characters – these tiny characters would fit perfectly and may be ideal for a golden egg. 
  • Lego pieces – maybe you break up a Lego kit and have all the pieces located in the eggs so they can build after they find them all. 
  • Jewelry or mini nail polish – earrings, bracelets, ring and mini nail polish could be a fun find. 

Egg ideas for babies

  • Eggs filled with money, beans, rice etc. that will be taped shut but fun to shake.
  • Baby puffs – These don’t melt, are fun to shake and can be eaten right away.
  • New pacifier
  • Bath squirt toys
  • Finger puppets

Remember to plan in advance and work with the amount of eggs and budget that works best for you and your family. Keep in mind what items could be a choking hazard for babies. What are your go-to Easter egg items other than candy? If you have any extra ideas drop them in the comments below. Happy Easter and happy hunting!


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