Easter Basket fillers-Part 2: Girls


I am not big on filling my daughter’s Easter basket or eggs with candy. She gets plenty of that stuff elsewhere (Hello, Easter package from Grandma!) and generally I try to watch the amount of sugar she has.I’m fine with a little, so I will usually put a chocolate rabbit in there. The rest of the real estate goes to other fun stuff!

Here are some non-candy ideas for girls!

-Stuffed animals: We usually put a  little bunny in there– or check out these adorable stuffed peeps!
-Small toys such as Calico Critters, Li’l Woodzeez or Legos
-Bath toys, bath crayons, bath paint, bubble bath
-Play Doh (they even have egg shaped playdoh with the Easter items at Target and Walmart)
-craft supplies (maybe a special crayon box, markers, do-a-dot, watercolors)


Stamps and ink pad set

“I can read” books

-Pinwheels for the yard

-Flip flops, sunglasses, beach toys

-Toy phone or camera

-Sidewalk chalk (again, check Target for chalk shaped like eggs!)
-Kid magazines
-Small bottles of nail polish
-Small dolls (check out Magic Clip dolls!)
-Coloring books
-Finger Paints
-Movie tickets or a DVD
-My daughter is crazy about “blind bags” They sell them at Target and the toy stores and they are just little bags with things like Care Bears, Littlest Pet Shop, Lego Friends, etc.. the fun things is you don’t know what you are getting until you open it. So it’s a fun surprise. I keep a few of these on hand for traveling surprises.
-Hair clips (you can find really cutes ones on Etsy; I am giving my daughter Elsa and Anna ribbon sculptures this year in her basket).
-Dress up jewelry, crowns or fairy wings

– A jump rope or other outdoor toys
-Temporary tattoos or stickers (these can also be egg fillers)
Safari Toobs are PERFECT egg fillers. We have used these each year for her eggs. They come in a pack of a dozen (perfect!) and you can buy them at Michael’s. We have used the dog themed ones, the desert animals (since we had just moved to Arizona, it was perfect) and this year will be fish. Another great thing about these, especially in Arizona- unlike chocolate, they won’t melt 🙂blog

-Another idea for eggs- buy a small Lego kit (Lego Friends are a hit at our house), take all the Legos out and put them in the eggs. Once all the eggs are found, your girls will have a complete set to build.

Don’t forget to hit up the dollar bin or store too-plenty of fun treasures to be found in there (for cheap!).

These are some fun non-candy ideas for your little girls! Please tell us in the comments what you put in your kids’ baskets! Happy Hunting 🙂blog2

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