Easter Basket Fillers-Part 1: Boys


Did you know that Easter is only a few days away? Crazy, right? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with Easter Basket filler ideas. I know that the big stores have all those convenient, cheap Easter themed toys and a couple of those are fine but I prefer to get things that aren’t going to get trashed in a couple of days. I also tend to stay away from candy.

2013_ 3_31_16_42Being that I’m the mom of boys we’re first sharing a list of boys items.

1. Bubbles

2. Hot Wheels/Planes

3. Crayons/coloring books

4. Books: dollar store, target dollar spot and thrift stores are excellent budget friendly places to get them.

5. Play Doh

6. Reusable Water Bottle

7. Bath/water toys

8. Swim trunks

9. Character socks

10. Sandals

11. Chalk

12. Kite

13. Clothes: If you go this route be sure to get something they would appreciate like a character shirt!

14. Baseball hat

15. Flashlight

16. Character band-aids (really anything with a character my kids love, they’ll love it)

17. Toothbrush

18. Action figure/dinosaur

19.  Puzzle

20. Glow sticks

21. Reusable punching balloons- I found these at Fry’s

22. Foam Glider Plane

23. Stickers

24. Temporary tattoos

A couple of  small treats are added as well, Mini M&M’s, raisins, and fruit snacks are always a hit with my kids. The Easter Bunny usually brings an outfit for the day and an outdoor toy or two! This year the boys will be getting mini golf sets and a soccer ball.

Hopefully you gained some Easter basket inspiration. Be sure to come back this afternoon to check out our list for the little girls in your life!

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Jen is the wife to Dallas and a mom to two handsome little guys, Dallas and Griffin, who are only 14 months apart! After a long day at the office she tries to savor every little moment she can with her family. When bed time for the kiddos comes she enjoys painting her nails, crafting party decor, watching reality TV, and scrolling Instagram. She blogs about parties, crafts, and life at Jen A. Street and has a party decoration Etsy store called Swanky Shindigs.


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