DIY Play Make-Up


Today, I’m going to share a really simple, really quick DIY project that you can give to little girls (or boys) in your life. Most kids like to replicate what they see their parents doing, and watching someone put on makeup is something that most kids see on a normal basis. Why not give them their own make up so that have something to play with versus constantly having to ask your kids to “stay out” or “be careful” of yours.

What you need:

  • makeup up containers with make up removed (use old ones, or buy some at the $1 store)
  • nail polish

What you do:

  • wash out the containers and dry thoroughly
  • pour different colors of nail polish into the different sections (fill to top; the polish condenses as it dries)
  • let the polish dry over night with lids open so fumes can escape. (there are plenty of eco friendly and non toxic nail polishes out there for your little ones)

That’s it! Fun and simple, and now your little ones can have their very own make up to put on that doesn’t require clean up or them or the bathroom. I also like that it encourage play and pretend, but without actually putting on real makeup which just seems too old for a young kid.

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