DIY-Metal Lamp REDO


I’m back again this month with another DIY post. Like I said last month, I am in the beginning stages of updating my house and getting out of boxes. I showed you how to transfer a piece of furniture with spray paint. This month the spray paint wins again with a simple easy way to update a metal lamp.

My parents saved me some money again by giving me these old lamps in their garage. (I’m beginning to think I could update my entire house with all the stuff they store! (I already have my next project lined up!)

I searched Pinterest on “painting metal lamps.” From the pins I read, it was pretty basic. Prime. Paint.

I wiped down the lamps of all dust. This brought back all those childhood memories of my mom making me dust them. I so did not like dusting them!

I then primed them with grey metal primer, which, according to my research, is best to do when your final paint color is dark.  Another important note from my research: YOU MUST PRIME!  If you don’t prime, the spray paint will just chip off. Ugh! Make sure you get metal primer and spray paint for metal.  (Most cover metal, but just double check.)

Once your primer has dried, about 20 minutes, spray paint the lamp. I chose to paint the lamps black since we have other black furniture in our living room. I also wanted a sense of color balance since they’ll be sitting on the aqua endtables.

I picked up my lampshades at Target for $8/each on clearance!

(Especially on my new endtables!)

Now go find an old metal lamp and give it an update for your home! 


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  1. Love it, Jessica! Thank you so much! I am totally doing this—now I know my problem with my last attempt…I need primer! I am excited!


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