It’s Time for Arizona to Wake up and Stop Distracted Driving

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Did you know that Arizona is only one of two states that does not have a ban on texting while driving?!

The only state law on the subject is a ban for bus drivers.  Really? Last month, our legislators voted to ban texting for young drivers with a permit or during the first 6 months of driving.  Again, REALLY?  We have to have a ban for texting for young teenagers driving in a car with a parent? Have we truly lost all sense?

The cities of Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff have a ban on texting while driving, but it is rarely enforced.  Yep.  You read right.  Not enforced. Needless to say, distracted driving is dangerous and it needs to stop. Right now, Arizona law enforcement can only punish after an accident or crash occurs. Clearly, that is way too late.

Distracted DrivingAccording to statistics, millennials (ages 21-40) are the most dangerous behind the wheel.  According to a AAA report, millennials are 1.6 times more likely to read a text while driving and also twice as likely to send one. Data from the first half of 2016 illustrate that the number of deadly crashes in Arizona increased to a staggering 12.8 percent in 2016.  The problem is bad, and it is getting worse.

With those 2016 figures, Arizona is now third on a list of states with the most pedestrian deaths per capita. (Governors Highway Safety Association).  Could distracted driving be the reason for Arizona becoming the 3rd deadliest state for pedestrians?  It certainly is contributing to the problem.

These roadway distractions remain to be a top cause of accidents everywhere in America. We find evidence that some people never learn their lesson, and despite being in a crash, continue to be careless while on the road. Statistics show that the use of mobile phones (including taking selfies) and social media while driving has caused 80 percent of major traffic accidents in the country.

We’ve put together a few apps that you and your teen drivers can download to help prevent distracted driving. Not only are these apps great to deter this bad habit, but they are FREE or cheaper than a cup of coffee! 

Everyone, we must all recognize that distracted driving must stop with us. So, put down your device and get to your destination safely. Please believe, whatever it is, it can wait. Pay attention to the road.  Keep the social media for the times when you are not behind the wheel. 

Drive safe. Drive smart.

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