Disneyland Withdrawals? – Disney On The Dime Saves The Day


My family loves Disneyland, Disney movies, Disney+, Disney songs, etc. If you are like me, you may be going through Disneyland withdrawals. We are itching to go back and anxiously awaiting the day that they re-open and we can safely be at the park again. Disney On The Dime has always been my go-to for Disneyland tips or anything Disney, but they have for sure helped fill my cup during this pandemic. 

Disney On The Dime is a blog run by three sisters (Lauren, Emily, and Ali – three of the most genuine and sweet girls around) with tips and ways to make the most of your money and time at Disneyland. They also include other tidbits having to do with anything Disney. For example, I’ve seen tips for when things are on sale at the Disney store, tips for Disney+, how to buy Disneyland themed masks for kids, and an insider look at what it’s like to be a Disney character at Disneyland (Lauren used to work at Disneyworld as Cinderella). 

They have an instagram with over 10,000 followers (@disneyonthedime), and I love all of their content there. My kids love to watch the stories and videos they post with me. During Disneyland’s closure, they have continued to post tips and ideas for the park, but they have also posted past videos including Disneyland parades, rides, and visits with characters. It scratches our itch to be back at the park! 

The sisters are also very engaging and interested in what their followers want to see and hear from them. They are super thorough and try everything they can to give the best tips possible. For example, when the new Star Wars land opened, they had amazing tips for when to be at the park and what to do to try and get a boarding pass on the Rise of the Resistance ride. Their tips were SO good, and I would have never known what to do if it weren’t for their Instagram post. I could literally spend all day going back and looking at previous posts from them.

As we anxiously await the day for the park to be back open and any changes in the way that Disneyland operates going forward, I know Disney On The Dime will keep me informed and continue to have the best tips around. For now, I’ll keep watching their stories and posts and dreaming of the day that I can be back at the happiest place on Earth.


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