Dear Kindergartner: A Letter to My Kindergartner on His First Day


dear kindergartnerDear Kindergartner,

It is hard to believe that five years have flown by so fast. Almost as if I blinked and you went from a tiny 7lb boy nestled in my arms to a big boy. You correct me each time I slip up and refer to you as my little guy, but just know, to the world you might be a big boy but, in this mama’s heart you will always be my little guy.

While we have had an amazing time navigating babyhood, toddler years, Preschool and Pre-K together, it is your time to spread your wings and enter a new phase. With school comes friendships, learning, adventures and homework—an all new chapter in your life. Just the idea makes this mama’s heart ache with sadness and burst with pride at the same time. Every single day I am amazed at the big boy you have grown to be.

These last five years together were full of firsts for both of us—your first smile, first giggle, first steps, first words, first scrape, first airplane ride, first road trip, first book you read to me, becoming a big brother. We have had the last 1,825+ days to make what seems like a lifetime of memories. It has been a privilege spending each day with you. Now on to the first day of Kindergarten.

As you begin this new journey, I have so many hopes and dreams for you.

I hope you continue to push the boundaries and never accept things before first asking “why?”

I hope that you find friends that accept you for just the way you are.

I hope that you continue to help your peers and take on leadership roles.

I hope that you find out just how beautifully diverse our world is and know that you have a special place in it.

I dream that you accomplish all of your own dreams, no matter how big or small they seem.

I dream that you always look to me, and our family, as your comfort zone and safe place when the world seems just a little too scary.

I dream that we get the chance to witness all of your greatness and that your siblings look up to you with admiration and amazement.

I dream that you get the chance to blossom into the person you want to be.

As we close our little guy chapter together and embark on Kindergarten, just know that you are never alone and will forever and always have a cheering squad standing right with you. You are amazing and I just know that incredible things await you.

With all my love,


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