Date Night In: Holiday Edition- Part I


This time of year, even in years where the world is normal, let alone in the chaos of 2020, it can be hard to fit in a date night amidst all the holiday obligations. However, during the potential chaos and emotional stress this season can bring, it is one of the most important times of the year to stay connected to your spouse and have a little FUN! That’s why I’m sharing this three part series to help you have some date nights in with your spouse this holiday season. 

My husband and I started embracing at home date nights almost four years ago, after our second child was born and we wanted to be sure we were still making time for each other. The best part about date night in? No babysitter required! Use that line item in the budget to make these nights extra intentional and special.

This first date night in idea was born a few years ago, and was inspired by my hubby and I rewatching the entire series of The Office. One episode that stood out to us was The Office Olympics- where all the coworkers compete at various silly competitions and are awarded medals made out of the tops of yogurt containers. We decided to take my ever expanding holiday to-do lists and turn some of the items into holiday olympics. Here’s how you can have your own Holiday Olympics Date night:

1. Decide on your events and gather your materials. Make sure this does not become another to-do item that is causing you stress. For me, this is a good way to let go of some holiday perfectionism and have fun completing tasks that need to happen anyway while remembering how much my partner makes me laugh. Make a list of events and be sure you have all the materials gathered before date night starts so you don’t spend your evening hunting around your house or feeling on edge. Here are a few examples:

  • Split your holiday cards or letters in half and see who can stuff and seal envelopes the fastest. (Pre-address the envelopes if your cards are personalized!)
  • Master Wrapper- see who can wrap gifts with those random leftover wrapping paper pieces without the gift looking like a hot mess at the end.
  • M&M eating competition- OK, this isn’t actually something on my to-do list obviously, but it was in the original Office episode and it always makes us laugh. Remember that babysitting money we’re saving? Some of that is definitely spent on my favorite kinds of M&Ms… and also our favorite beverages to wash them down.

2. Embrace the absurdity and let the games begin! 
I have made the mistake in the past of not taking pictures of this glorious date night. If 2020 has taught me anything- it is how to use the auto timer on my iPhone so that will be remedied this year so we can keep laughing long after this date is done.

3. Award your medals.
Lacking yogurt containers, we used tin foil and sharpie to make our medals. Feel free to get creative with your awards. This year my husband has requested that when we make our Christmas cookies that we frost some to be the medals so that he can eat his instead of throwing them away. 

I hope if you decide to try this date night in you have SO much fun and let us know what events you came up with! For those of you who are not up for holiday olympics fear not, more date night in ideas are coming your way.


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