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Have you ever belonged to a dinner or cooking club? There are so many variations to this idea. My favorite experience was with some friends in Seattle. There were several couples that got together every month for what we called “Dinner Club”. The house that hosted the evening provided the main course and everyone else brought sides and desserts. Let me tell you, it was some of the best meals we’ve enjoyed and great conversation to go along with it. That was pre-kids (remember those days and nights?).

Well tonight I’m going to West Valley Cooking Club. Its debut night is tonight. I can’t wait! A local mama, Mandi, (who has headed up other cooking clubs) created this one. I can’t wait to show up with my dish and taste many others! Stay tuned next week for a recap post by Mandi of our evening. She will even share some of the favorite recipes!

Interested in starting your own cooking club? Here are some tips:

  • Find a few friends (really you only need a couple other people), neighbors you’d like to get to know better, or decide to go big and get a large group together.
  • Decide on some themes for each evening (makes picking out your recipes easier).
  • Set up a Facebook group, Evite, or just do a group email inviting your guests and giving some instruction on how the evening might look. You can use this group for people to reply what dishes they are bringing so you make sure to have a variety.
  • Make your dish, gather with friends, eat, drink, laugh, and enjoy!

Happy Cooking and Eating!

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Elisa is a native Arizonan by birth and a Seattleite by heart. She is a wise, spirited woman who loves feeling the sun on her face, but also enjoys cold rainy days, complete with a cup of coffee and a good book or conversation. After graduating with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and seeing clients for a time, she took a hiatus to love on, play with, and offer copious amounts of hugs to our little girls, Malia and Jayden. She is now back working at Socorro Counseling and Consulting in Downtown Phoenix. Unafraid to laugh at herself and able to see the beauty in others, she makes everyone feel at ease, making her a genuine friend, therapist, and wife. Give her a cute pattern and a sewing machine or some spray paint and a piece of furniture and they are surely to be transformed into some warm piece of art that brightens our living space. She also finds creativity in cooking, making household cleaners, and anything Pinterest. In short, Elisa is stylish, wise, thoughtful, creative woman who makes everyone around her a better person, including her husband (who wrote this bio).


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