Confidence in Motherhood: 5 Things that Helped in Baby’s First Year


Whether you’re gearing up for your first baby… or your onto your second or third, it’s easy to feel like you have no clue what you are doing through the first year. And that’s totally okay! You’re allowed to do things wrong in motherhood. No matter what stage you’re in, you’re still learning how to do this mom thing. There are always new challenges that can knock you off your feet and make you feel uncertain.

Here are my top five recommendations to help boost your confidence through baby’s first year:

Solly baby wrap: Leaving the house with a new baby (whether it’s your first or fourth) can be scary! The Solly baby wrap solves a handful of problems that come with bringing a newborn out in public: it keeps strangers at bay (they are far less likely to try to touch your new baby when she is tucked up in your chest), it let’s you carry baby hands-free, and there’s a good chance your little bundle will love being worn! The Solly Baby wrap was a huge confident booster for me and made me feel like I could tackle any outing!

Barre: I have literally not exercised since 2010… years before I started having babies. But nine months after my third baby was born, I decided I needed to start taking care of myself. Barre was the perfect start for me. Not only did it give me some baby-free time (which I desperately needed), but it also made me feel strong and confident! And best of all, it has tremendously helped my back pain caused by constantly holding a baby/toddlers, countless hours spent nursing in a rocking chair, and years of neglecting my own health. Looking back, I wish I’d started barre a long time ago!

Backpack diaper bag: I don’t know what it is about heading out the door with a backpack loaded full of baby stuff, but it makes me feel like I can conquer the world (or at least, you know, an unexpected diaper blow out!) Snacks? I got ‘em. Wipes? You know I have plenty of those. A spare pair of underwear for the toddler? Oh yea, it’s in there (also, this helped me win one of those “What’s in your purse?” baby shower games… so that’s a good reason right there to keep a pair of undies in your diaper bag.) Not sure what to stock in your diaper bag? I’ve got you covered; check out this post!

Harvey Karp: Author of Happiest Baby on the Block, Harvey is an expert at soothing babies. I read his book while I was pregnant with my first and thank goodness I did! His methods helped me feel confident through all of the late night crying. Thanks to Dr. Karp’s five S’s method, I even got so good at soothing babies, that I now do it professionally (as a newborn photographer!)

Friends: All moms need a friend in the same stage of motherhood as themselves. It’s a huge relief to be able to call a friend and say, “I am exhausted. The baby was up every two hours last night. The toddler woke me up at 4am. My house is a disaster. And I don’t know what to make for dinner” and get a response like, “Me too, girl. I’m brining over some coffee and my favorite cookbook.” Ladies, if you don’t have a friend like this… go find her!! I’ve written two other posts specifically about where to meet mom friends here and here. Having a tribe like this is LIFE CHANGING. Believe me. And having friends going through the same things as you can definitely help create confidence. It’s knowing that you are not alone in all of motherhood’s challenges.

Remember, it’s totally normal to feel like you have no idea what you’re doing as a mom! We all feel like that at some point. Hopefully these five things will help give you that little boost of confidence to get you through the next hard thing.


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