Confessions of a Gym Rat Mom



I’ll admit it, I’m a Gym Rat Mom.

I really wish there was something better to call it but when I say it, you know exactly what I mean. The Yogis. The Spinners. The box-jumping-kettle-bell swinging badasses.

I never really intended for it to happen- I’d always seen them but thought it just wasn’t me.

But then one trial class turned into a five-times-a-week habit of lovin’ on myself. And now I’m proud to say, I’m a Gym Rat Mom.


Are you a Gym Rat Mom? You might be if:

  • You hold the record amongst your other gym rat mom friends for going the longest without washing your hair.
  • You rock a ponytail as many days a week as you did when you were six.
  • Showering and getting ready is more of an inconvenience than it used to be.
  • You often hear from people that you’ve never even seen before that they recognize you from the gym.
  • Wiping yourself down with a washcloth (or baby wipes) has become an acceptable definition for “showering.”
  • You plan playdates around how sweaty/sore/tired you’ll be after your workout that day.
  • When you do laundry, you wash/fold more workout clothes than regular outfits.
  • You have a “spot” in your workout classes (or have to workout on “that” elliptical).
  • You have had a burpee contest at a party while everyone else was playing beer pong.
  • Your kids are proud to tell you when they’ve been exercising…just like mommy.

Are you a Gym Rat Mom?  Comment below with your favorite workout or local gym.


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