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We all love a feel-good story. The kind where we find ourselves smiling and celebrating in our minds for the ones whose lives are better, and cheering on those who made it happen! A story of someone in need and a community aware of how they can help, orchestrated by fate.

Taralee Williams is no stranger to tragedy. Four years ago, she lost her husband in a car accident while returning home to help a friend in California.

Williams moved to Arizona and chose to start Nursing School out of a desire to help others and help improve their lives. Realizing she was going to be a single mom to four boys–all under the age of ten, she needed to do it for them as well. Driving four boys around means having a reliable vehicle, which unfortunately was not the case for Taralee. Her vehicle, as she says, “was running on prayers.”

When word got around about her situation, Community Tire Pros & Auto repair was on hand to help out, and that’s when Leon and Renee Ellis come in.

The Ellises decided to donate their 2005 Nissan Murano to a family that needed it rather than trading it in. Community Tire Pros donated the necessary repairs on the Murano, which Leon had taken great care of over the years, and then put the Ellises in touch with Helping Hands for Single Moms. Their well-loved vehicle was then given to Taralee and her boys as a surprise on Nurses Day. 

“I was so surprised!” Williams said. “It makes me very grateful, and I’m thankful for their support. There is hope out there, and there are people who don’t even know me that want someone like me to succeed and have a better life.”

Community Tire Pros and Auto RepairThere is a reason why “Community” is a part of the Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair name. Their involvement in the valley community has been a long-standing part of who they are as a business and as citizens wanting to fulfill the desire to make a difference and help influence change for the greater good. 

Community Tire Pros and Auto RepairOwners Howard and Patty Fleischmann have realized that helping others isn’t just about what they can do on their own but how they can assist other organizations in helping those who need it most. Collaboration can be essential when one organization can’t do everything; another one can help. Just as in Taralee’s story, it’s about getting everyone together for one sole purpose. In the end, everyone in the community wins.

Thanks Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair for sponsoring this post.


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