A Cold Brew Recipe You’ll Love That Is Easy, Fast, and Cheap!


This summer, like most of the country, my husband and I became obsessed with cold brew coffee.  I am not, however, fond of dropping $4+ every time I want a refreshing and cold caffeine fix. Nor do I have time to make a coffee run on the daily, with two kids under 3.  Side note: cold brew coffee is less acidic than hot and provides a little more of a caffeine kick!  

After some experimentation, I have come up with a recipe for cold brew that is, for lack of a better phrase, bomb diggity! Not to mention, so easy and affordable.   

What you’ll need for the cold brew:

  1. Cinnamon  
  2. Vanilla Bean Paste (or vanilla extract) 
  3. Cold Brew Carafe or a French Press
  4. Cold Brew Coffee or any coarse ground coffee (NOT INSTANT)  
  5. About eight cups, cool, filtered water 

Cold Brew

If using the coffee carafe, you literally put everything into the filter cylinder, fill up the pitcher with water and let it steep in the fridge overnight.  I usually add 14-16 tablespoons of coffee and 1 tsp of each of the vanilla and cinnamon.  The measurements for sure do NOT have to be exact, and you can adjust the flavors to your liking or even omit them completely.   

If you are using a French Press, put all the ingredients into the pitcher and leave the plunger up while you let steep in the fridge overnight.   Push down the plunger and enjoy.  

We can usually get 5-6 cups of coffee out of 1 batch.  I like mine with just a little splash of coconut or almond milk.  My hubby prefers to sweeten his with chocolate almond milk. 

Top 3 ways to enjoy:

  1. Vietnamize Style:  pour the cold brew over ice and add a little sweetened condensed milk.
  2. Pumpkin Coffee: mixed cold brew, pumpkin puree and maple syrup in a blender. Poor over ice. Top with whip cream and cinnamon if you are feelin’ fancy and “extra basic” 😉 
  3. Protein Coffee: mix cold brew, milk of choice, collagen peptides and sweetener (I usually go for maple syrup or honey).  If you haven’t tried collagen peptides, jump on this! It is totally flavorless, easily mixed in any beverage and adds 10g of pure protein.   

Hopefully this cold brew recipe makes your morning a little easier! What are your favorite ways to enjoy your coffee?


  1. Love this idea!!! Love the options! I have always made the Pioneer Woman’s Cold Brew but I had to strain after and it was always kind of messy. I actually have this container, although mine was meant for loose leaf tea, and NEVER thought to use it! Gonna do that today!

  2. I haven’t made my own cold brew yet but with the price increase at Starbucks these items would be worth the investment to save me money over time!


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