Christmas Tree Styles & Holiday Traditions Revealed


Trimmings such as tinsel, long loved holiday ornaments and glowing lights adorn our Christmas trees every year.

Have you ever thought about WHY?

Every families tree has a story to tell, about why they decorate it the way they do. Some of our trees trimmings are packed full of memories we never want to forget, some may be a representation of our home or our style and some  may be extravagant and over-the-top. Whatever the reasoning for your Christmas tree decor it’s incredibly special because it’s yours!

We here at North Phoenix Moms Blog wanted to share our Christmas trees’ story and traditions of decor with you. We hope as you take a sneak peek into our traditions of trimming the tree with our families, you are reminded or inspired of your own.

Malia’s Tree Story:

“When I was a little girl and spent Christmas with my grandmother I would be in awe of her “fancy” tree she put up every year. You all know, the department store type!  It had deep purple ornaments with gold glitter accents, strands of golden ribbon cascading from the top and turtle doves tucked safety on the branches. I thought it was the most beautiful tree I’d ever see.   I loved the details and care that had to have been put into every light or ornament that was chosen.  I told myself that when I was a grown up I wanted my own “fancy tree” too!  Fast forward 30 years and I finally have my “fancy tree.”  It serves a dual purpose however, because it also reminds me of my grandmother and all the memories at Christmas I’ve collected with her.  My kids also have their own trees they  display in their rooms. It has years and years worth of handmade ornaments from when they were little. They love that they get to decorate and trim their own tree to display for the holidays and I love that I get to have the best of both worlds. My “fancy tree” and family tree!

maliastree christmas tree decor maliamaliastree6


Jen’s Tree Story:

“Our Christmas tree is a reflection of who we are. I don’t have a perfectly decorated tree as my children love to move ornaments around and help decorate. You won’t find any fancy glass ornaments either as that’s an accident waiting to happen in our home. You will find sentimental ones though. A couple of my favorites are the picture frames of candid photos of each of my boys at Christmas time during their first Christmas season. You will also find lots of handmade ornaments such as the ones I created with my kiddos last year where I turned their hands into Santa faces. When I think of Christmas I think of spending time with my family and what better way to decorate our tree than with sentiments from Christmases passed.”

Christmas Blog jen tree-3 Christmas Blog jen tree-4Christmas Blog jen tree-5


Eileen’s Tree Story:

Our tree is pretty much a hodge podge of ornaments we have picked up over the years in our travels and at different assignments. We also have a fair amount of handmade ornaments from our daughter. And we have ornaments from both my husband’s and my childhood trees. The only unifying theme we have (and believe me, I use that term loosely) is birds. My husband and I started putting those on our tree early on in our marriage. The cardinal and one my husband and I bought together several years ago and the little bird is one of my favorites, as it is from my childhood tree.North Phoenix Moms Blog_xmas tree-1 North Phoenix Moms Blog_xmas tree-2 North Phoenix Moms Blog_xmas tree-3

Merry Christmas Everyone!




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