Choosing the Best Backdrop and Location for Family Photos


It’s that time of year when the weather starts to cool down and our minds quickly turn to capturing the annual family photo.  If you’re like me, it’s an ongoing battle to come up with something new.  There are so many variables that go into a great portrait including: the clothing, props, pose, photographer, and location. It can feel overwhelming.  A fantastic photographer will work with you and advise on locations to capture a beautiful image that reflects your family.  Here are a few location ideas to get the conversation started with your photographer.

Photo Courtesy of: Dream Photography Studio


Many of the North Phoenix moms love capturing pictures in their own home.  It’s a great personal touch that not only captures your family in their element, but also the home itself and the memories attached to it.  Think about the place your family spends the most time, the room that gets the best natural light, or take it outside to the backyard or front porch.

Photo Courtesy of: Eileen (contributor)
Photo Courtesy of: Dream Photography Studio
Photo Courtesy of: Dream Photography Studio

Great Outdoors: 

The great outdoors are one of my family’s favorite places to take pictures.  It’s a great way to capture a family portrait in a beautiful background.  Natural can mean a variety of things depending on where you live: desert, beach, forest, fields.  If you time it right, you might capture a beautiful sunrise or sunset in the background.



I love a photo that highlights the family’s personality or history.  We started a tradition of capturing our portraits in an iconic place in the towns we live in.  It’s a fun way to capture your family’s story and reflect a bit about your family at the time.  I loved doing this when we lived away from home.



Urban photographs are gaining popularity recently; and can be a lot of fun.  There are so many textures and colors an urban setting offers.  Just like with photos in the home, let the surroundings reflect your family’s style and personality. Urban settings can be a great spot to capture a variety of backdrops and atmosphere from industrial to utilitarian or even transit.  You can often change the backdrop or mood with a short walk.

Choosing the Best Backdrop and Location for Family Photos- Urban Family Session Choosing the Best Backdrop and Location for Family Photos- Urban Family Session

Above all else, don’t stress and remember sometimes the unexpected pictures become your favorites!


Where will your family be capturing memories this year?


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